The Make Pack

The Make Pack

Oh hello hello hello. I hope you have all had very merry Christmases and are gearing up for the sparkliest of new years! I haven’t been writing much over the past week, as have been having a bit of a rest.. and have also been trying (in vain) to kick the bug that gripped me a few weeks ago. I now appear to have a wonderful chest infection and a hacking cough. Hurrah!

Despite this I have been having a lovely time with friends and family. We all bundled down to the great British countryside and holed up in a gorgeous cottage for a few days over Crimbo. We ate and drank and played games and walked and cooked and watched movies and lit fires and ate and drank some more…. and then I decided to make a heavenly, three-tiered, outrageously delicious chocolate cake by The Make Pack. In my onesie. (Which I lived in for most of the festive period.)

The Make Pack

All Make Packs come through the post in these brilliant cubes – everything you need is packed tight inside.

The make pack


My computer had a bit of a melt down over Christmas, (does anyone know how I can get an appointment at an Apple Store in London?!) but luckily for me, I had saved all my photos on Irista.. so even though I am now bashing away on LM’s laptop, thanks to Canon’s super powers, my photos are safe and sound and here in this blog post in all their glory. Phew.

The Make Pack

Thank you Irista! (Phew!)

The Make Pack

All my ingredients…

The Make Pack is a gorgeous newbie company, set up by two pals, who wanted to take the fuss out of sourcing what you need for a cooking or baking project, while leaving the authentic making experience intact. Each of their Make Packs include top quality ingredients, all measured out and ready to use, delicious recipes and easy peasy clear instructions.

The Make Pack

Cake number one…

The Make Pack

Cake number two…

The Make Pack

As soon as all my three cakes had cooled, I could begin to decorate…

The Make Pack The Make Pack

The Make Pack

You can see that I am not the neatest baker, (fnar fnar) but thanks to The Make Pack, all the necessary guidance was there to make sure that my blunders were all very neatly disguised!

The Make Pack

The Make Pack

Ta da!

I learnt how to spread my buttercream to get a lovely smooth finish… (ok, it’s not perfect, but for me, this is GENIUS.)

The Make Pack

The buttercream was extremely easy to make and full of real delicious melted chocolate, which I melted by submerging the little bag it came in, into hot water. Clever. Easy. NO WASHING UP.

And then it was time to decorate. The Make Pack came with two additional plastic sachets of chocolate – light and dark. All I had to do was warm them in hot water until they melted, snip a corner off the end of the sachet, and squeeze the chocolate out of my new little home-made piping bags…

The Make Pack The Make Pack

The Make Pack

Three tiers of yumminess

Everyone LOVED it. It was unanimous. It was a hit. A massive chocolatey hit and everyone wanted to know where they could get one from.

The Make Pack have their own spangly website, where you can find all kinds of different Make Packs. They’ll post your chosen scummy thing to you and all you have to do is stick the oven on and follow the instructions.

It really couldn’t be easier.. and the end result will be so impressive, you may not want to reveal your secret… ;)

I wish you all the happiest of new years and let’s all have a fantastic 2015. One of my new year’s resolutions is to BACK UP my laptop more often.. and if you’re a photo bunny like me, then I can’t recommend Irista enough – all your photos are archived and available to be accessed from your very own personal (and free!) photo cloud. I’ve written in more detail about Canon’s new storage baby over here.

I won’t be back here again until the beginning of January 2015… and until then, lots of love from me to you and I can’t wait to see you all on the other side.

Here comes 2015!


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A Luxuriant Triple Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake – £16.45


This Make Pack was sent to me to review, and if I hadn’t loved it I wouldn’t have written about it.

Canon have sponsored some of my work where I have been trying out and using their new platform Irista – I am loving it!


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16 thoughts on “The Make Pack

  1. This look so yummy! It’s a brilliant idea. I’ve just had a look on their website and they have some brilliant things, the vanilla marshmallows would probably be a good hit for us.

  2. Poor you – I hope you’re feeling much better really soon! It sounds like you still managed to have a great holiday though, and that cake looks delicious! What a great idea. I’ll have to check out the other ‘make packs.’ xx

  3. Oh wow, that first picture hooked me in. Looks amazing! Someone needs to do this in Australia – I love baking but sometimes it’s a pain to spend a fortune on high quality ingredients that I’l only use a smidge of.

  4. Oh my God this looks so fun! My worst part of baking is measuring and sorting ingredients so this is right up my lazy street haha! x

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