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Bee The Maker

Bee The Maker - Handmade Crackers

This is my last Christmassy post. I promise. But I had to tell you about my newest Etsy discovery, which brightened up our Christmas lunch no end…

In my family, everyone receives a job at Christmas, (these vary, from marshmallows, to cranberry jelly, to making sure Grandpa gets to lunch…) and this year I was in charge of crackers. Oh, and mince pies.

And I wanted to do something a little bit different…

Bee The Maker - handmade crackers


BeeTheMaker” is the brainchild of Larissa – a very clever lassie, who creates hand printed, nature inspired kits for the likes of you and me to get creative with at home. After she had a baby, her mum jumped on board  as well, and now Larissa and Moira are a super creative team to be reckoned with!

Bee The Maker - Handmade Christmas Crackers

The crackers kit come flat packed and personalised with names of your choosing and a gorgeous goose or robin…

Bee The Maker - Handmade Christmas Crackers


Bee The Maker - Handmade Christmas Crackers

They come with golden party hats for you to pop inside…

Bee The Maker - Handmade Christmas Crackers

Bee The Maker - Handmade Christmas Crackers

…and jokes!

The kits were so easy to assemble and was a really lovely thing to do on the lead up to Christmas. I put some music on, made a lovely ginger tea (I was still suffering with my cold then) and relaxed on the sofa, wrapping, sticking, filling the crackers with little trinkets for my nearest and dearest and feeling very Christmassy indeed.

The kits come with jokes, party hats and a ‘bang!’ which I stuck in place with sticky tape – easy peasy.

Larissa and Moira have all kinds of lovely sewing and creative kits in their Etsy shop, including napkins, stockings and cushions.. there really is something for everyone, even if you’re not a super crafty fox – these dollies will have you creating masterpieces before you know it!


All their kits inspired by nature and the ever changing seasons. Their ethos is simplicity using all things natural as a springboard to create imaginative individual designs.. they have developed their own hand printed techniques so that every piece they produce has an individual, unique element.

The sewing kit designs are drawn by hand, then transferred to lino to be cut, also by hand. Then the printing takes place in their studio and finally they heat set them so all their designs are washable. (Not the crackers though. Obvs.)

Bee The Maker - Handmade Christmas Crackers

We loved having these crackers on our Christmas table and I hope I’ve inspired you to dip into Bee The Maker’s shop to pick your own kit… and you don’t have to wait until next Christmas either!


Happy 2015 everyone – it’s going to be a goodie. Just you wait and see.

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