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Irista: A better photo storage solution

Pic from petapixel.com

Pic from petapixel.com

Organising my photographs and storing them safely is one of the most important things I  need to do as a blogger. Although, even if you are not a blogger, I bet you have hundreds (possibly thousands) of photos on your phone, your Whatsapp, your emails and other sneaky online corners you may or may not have have forgotten about…

How and where to store photos is an ongoing conversation amongst bloggers – many choose dropbox or iCloud.. some email them to themselves for safe keeping, should their laptops go up in smoke (s’no joke – back up, back up, back up…) and some folk who aren’t using pics for blogging even print them off (WHAT?) and put them in albums (WHAT WHAT WHAT?)

However, I think it’s fair to say, that that for those of us that need to keep our digital pics safe and warm, a photo-centric storage solution has been long desired…

Luckily for us, the clever folk at Canon have knocked their heads together and come up with something pretty darn fabulous.

Irista Canon


Irista is a new image hosting and storage site, which is designed for storing photos only… so, there are all kinds of clever bits and bobs included, which are relevant to pics only and not boring spreadsheets and word documents that make you want to chew off your arm because they are SO BORING.


Straight of the bat, you get 10GB storage for free – there’s more if you need it and you can pay a monthly subscription for a number of varying storage packages.

You can organise your photos into albums, tag them for easy blog post sorting, you can filter them by time, date, camera model, tag and whether or not they’ve been shared – you can share pics directly to Flickr and Facebook, directly from your Irista profile.

It’s very easy to use, clear and instinctive and looks very slick as well…


I used Irista to organise and sort my pictures for my Week in Pictures post, earlier this week.

Usually, I faff about with emailing and downloading and labelling and dragging….Irista made life so much easier. SO much easier. I uploaded all my photos in one go and then sorted them all with the simple tagging system…

Irista - Poppy Loves

Irista - Poppy Loves

Irista is available for anyone to use – not just those with Canon cameras. However, if you do have one of those snazzy wireless Canon DSLRs, you can upload directly to Irista from them as well. Clever stuff.

It is also fully integrated with Adobe’s Lightroom, so you can upload and synchronise your Lightroom edits directly to Irista… this is a very exciting element if you’re a Lightroom user – Irista is definitely making life easier.

You can access your pics in Irista from any of your devices, and you can rest in the knowledge that all your beloved pictures are safe and sound, floating about up there in the Irista Cloud.

It’s like a photo angel.

With oodles of storage.

Happy snapping!

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Irista: A better photo storage solution

  1. This looks interesting! I might give it a go – would hate to lose all of my photos if my laptop went up in smoke!

    Emma | frillsanddoodads.com

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