– Chips on the bus, a Highbury run,
crumpets with jam and Pudsy –
My week in pictures

Poppy Loves

Well hello there. It appears to be Monday! I really don’t understand how it comes around so quickly… and the amount of photos I seem to collect each week is ever on the increase… so either I am bending time like Dali, or I am running around like a loon.

I’ll leave it to you to decide.

You may have noticed but I skipped last week’s ‘Week in Pictures’ as I was in meetings for much of it, with very little opportunity to take lovely snaps… however, I did manage to take the above pic a couple of weeks ago – it’s me in the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park, where LM and I sat for many hours, reading the papers and swigging hot chocolate. Speaking of which…

Hot chocolate at Park Theatre, Finsbury Park

Hot chocolate at Park Theatre, Finsbury Park

So, let me begin at the beginning…

Last Saturday I went for a run in Highbury Fields. A RUN! I am so proud of myself at the moment – I really struggle with committing to regular exercise – not because I hate it, but because I find it very hard to schedule the time required – it’s never just a 20 minute swim, it’s the getting to the pool, the changing, the swimming, the untangling of the hair, the showering, the getting home, the re-showering when you’re home coz you feel chlorine-y… so much TIME. So running on the weekends and early mornings/evenings seems to be working for me.. I pop on my headphones and listen to the clever little running app to cheer me on, which my pal Suzy told me about. It’s GOOD.

Running in Highbury Fields

Running in Highbury Fields

After our impressive exercise stint, we headed over to Blighty Coffee for a brilliant brekky and lazily made our way through the Saturday papers…

Latte love at Blighty Coffee

Lush latte at Blighty Coffee on Blackstock Road

Later that day, I visited Kbosh and she made us crumpets. Toasted crumpets with butter and blueberry jam… so yummy. It tasted of Autumn. If you know what I mean…


Crumpets at Kbosh

I figured that one run = at least two crumpets. Snack maths is very important to me, otherwise really, what is the point of all the exercise?

The weekend continued in the foodie vibe and Suzy made us an amazing lunch on Sunday. Some heavenly kind of slow-cooked lamb amazingness and then for pud, she whipped out this ridiculously decadent chocolate tart, which she had made herself. Clever lady.

Suzy's chocolate tart with fresh raspberries

Suzy’s chocolate tart with fresh raspberries

We waddled home. The weekend had been really so lovely and relaxing – good friends and good food and no staring at a computer – three things I love.

Monday came around and I was ready for it! The week began with a few meetings, catching up on blog posts and a stroll around the neighbourhood…

Beautiful buildings in Notting Hill

Beautiful buildings in Notting Hill

… and in the evening my brother and I went to Bite Me Pizza for deliciousness on Westbourne Grove.

Hawaiian pizza at Bite Me Pizza

My Hawaiian pizza at Bite Me Pizza

Tuesday was more meetings in Holborn and a stroll around the Autumnal sun-drenched Lincoln Fields before heading out to the sparkling Children in Need Event – An Evening with the Stars – at The Grosvenor House Hotel, which the lovely folk at Paragon had invited me to…

An old London phone box by Lincoln Fields

An old London phone box by Lincoln Fields

Lincoln Fields in Holborn

Lincoln Fields in Holborn

Black Wallis Jumpsuit

I wore my Wallis jumpsuit to An Evening with The Stars – super sparkly Poppy!

The Children in Need Event was enormous and shimmering – a champagne reception was followed by a delicious meal, with Terry Wogan at the helm of the event.. and several other exciting people popping up and making me go ‘ooooooh look!’  I don’t like name dropping (what utter rubbish) so I won’t mention Anton Dubeck, Mel Giedroyc, Larry Lamb, Craig Revel Horwood…or any of my other sightings. I shall leave it until I write about it properly.

An evening with the stars - children in need

An Evening With The Stars – Children in Need

Children in Need

Spot Pudsy…

Wednesday was Poppy Loves Book Club day! However, before I could prepare for the evening, I was booked in for a glorious massage at the Amida Spa at the Harbour Club in Chelsea. I had never been and it was wonderful… I will be writing more about this soon, but for now – look at the 25m pool! LOOK!

Amida Spa pool in Chelsea

Amida Spa pool in Chelsea

I was ravenous when I came out, (breakfast had been a while ago) so in my ‘snack-maths’ mentality, I bought some chips from Maria’s Chippy on Wandsworth Bridge Road, drenched them in vinegar and scoffed them on the bus all the way home.

Chips on the bus from Maria's Chippy

Chips on the bus, from Maria’s Chippy

I know. There’s a lot of food happening. I figure that if I keep running, I won’t turn into an elephant… here’s hoping.

That evening was book club, and it was our biggest yet. Twenty three girls (including my lovely mum!) turned up for our Notting Hill meeting and we had around 350 online, joining us from all corners of the globe…

Poppy Loves Book Club in Notting Hill

Poppy Loves Book Club in Notting Hill

We hit 400 online shortly afterwards and are now nearly at 500! To celebrate, I am currently giving away a NOOK Glowlight eReader – all details about this competition are over on my Facebook page…

Win a NOOK with Poppy Loves Book Club!

Win a NOOK with Poppy Loves Book Club!

You can read all about my book club and what book we’re reading next here… but here’s a little clue…


The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman – Denis Thériault

On Thursday I worked out of one of my favourite indie book shops – Book and Kitchen on All Saint’s Road….

Book and Kitchen

Book and Kitchen

… and then met Gem at Ping Pong to try out their new Winter dim sum menu… more about this on the blog soon…

New Winter dim sum menu at Ping Pong, Westbourne Grove

New Winter dim sum menu at Ping Pong, Westbourne Grove

And finally, I posted a card to my bestie in Norway. I was sent a selection of cards from the greetings card subscription company, Card Nest, and this is the one I chose to post… it should be with her very soon indeed…

Card Nest Sububscription Service

Card Nest – a card subscription service

I hope you all had smashing weeks yourselves and look forward to hearing all about them! Do leave me a comment and tell me your news – it’s not all about me, you know ;)

Love as always,


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12 thoughts on “– Chips on the bus, a Highbury run,
crumpets with jam and Pudsy –
My week in pictures

  1. Lovely shots, and in fact I double tap each of them on Instagram :)
    Especially the one from the bus while it was raining outside: I love it (and I would have stolen a pair of chips too, ahem… :-)

  2. Hello from Kurdistan!
    Love your posts and what a week you have had Poppy! Love all the pictures too. Wish you a super great week, this week too!!

  3. I have just discovered your blog and it is glorious! You’re inspiring me to start my very own, though I am sure it wouldn’t be half as pretty or exciting…
    Thanks Poppy x

    1. Thank you Jemma! That’s a lovely comment to receive. I think you should just start your blog. We all started somewhere… and I bet you’ll have a ball doing it ;) xx

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