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Bee the Maker Crackers

Personalised crackers from Bee The Maker

Oh ho ho ho. I am sorry for my lack of blog posting over the last few days – I have been bed bound with something resembling the flu.. but I don’t think it is the flu because my knees don’t hurt and I am eating my weight in mince pies…

Any doctor would tell you the same. This is my last day to shake it before The Big Day, so I am in my onesie, on the sofa, drinking tea and watching cooking programmes.

Yesterday, I managed to make all my crackers for tomorrow.. a job which should have taken around 20 mins, but actually took me 3 hours as I couldn’t see in a straight line. (NOT THE FLU.) They are from Bee The Maker and I promise to write more about this very soon…

But for now, before I sign off for the holibubs, I want to introduce you to the wonderful people who are supporting my blog over this festive season. If you fancy supporting Poppy Loves and advertising your own blog or business, just pop over here to see how.

Ready? Here they are…

The Awkward Blog


The Awkward Blog is written by Angela – a self confessed “London living, home design loving, red shoe wearing, gig going, Barefoot Contessa cooking, DIY walking disaster”

Angela’s blog is full of fun London titbits, including gigs, shopping, cooking, places to eat and drink and lots of London tips… so do pop over for a peruse!

Silverspoon Blog


Angie, of Silverspoon London, whizzes all over the place sampling the very best in luxury food, accommodation, nightlife and experiences…

She is very passionate about everything she does and everywhere she goes – there are always plenty of photographs to gaze at and I love her luxury travel index! Whoosh! She has been to some super duper places ;)



The lovely Miriam writes CLI – Cats, Lifestyles and Interiors. She lives in Liverpool with her chap and cat, Woody, her British Shorthair cat. Whom she adores. Much much much.

Her blog is full of little nooks and crannies, celebrating her love to mid-century modern furniture, design and… of course.. kitty cats ;)

Thank you girls for your support over the holiday season!

If you would like to sponsor my blog, it’s very very easy and I have lovely packages especially for bloggers too. Find out more here.

In the meantime, I wish you all the merriest of merry Christmases, stay well, stay happy and give lots of hugs.

I’m crawling back under my duvet now. With a mince pie.

Ok, three.

Much love and sparkly yule tidings…


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