Introducing… Green & Black’s Velvet Edition

This post is sponsored by Green & Black’s
and all thoughts & opinions are my own.


Chocolate. Even writing that word evokes a feeling of happiness. It’s extraordinary. This smooth, sweet, yummy stuff has been bringing joy into our lives for centuries and I don’t see that ending any time soon.

Everyone has a preference. Some love the sweet high of a milk chocolate bar and others might relish a dark truffle for a moment of total decadence… although, for many folk, the world of dark chocolate is an indulgent territory, largely unexplored. 

There is a wide spread misconception that all dark chocolate is bitter, and therefore if you’re a fan of milk chocolate you probably wouldn’t like any dark chocolate… and if you are reading this thinking this very thing, then it’s you who I am speaking to today. You are incorrect! Wrong! You have got, what is called, the wrong end of the proverbial stick and I intend to show you the light. Of the dark. If you get my drift.

If you’re not already familiar with the wondrous world of Green & Black’s (which stormed onto the chocolate scene in the 90’s after husband and wife team, Craig Sams and Jo Fairley, whipped up the first 70% chocolate bar that the UK had ever seen…in their flat…on Portobello Road – true story) then allow me to introduce them and their delicious, beautifully-crafted and sophisticated dark chocolate. Needless to say, it’s extremely popular.


However, although their dark chocolate is a huge hit, the fact that many folk still don’t dabble outside the milk chocolate space meant that Green & Black’s decided to take on the dark choccy challenge and change the way that people think about it.

“We know that whilst many people love dark chocolate, others sometimes find the taste a little bitter. So, we scoured the globe to find the right cocoa beans to create the unique taste profile of Green & Black’s Velvet Edition. A dark 70% chocolate that is rich in cocoa content, yet exceptionally smooth in flavour” – Susanne Nowak, Senior Brand Manager at Green & Black’s.


And boy have they nailed it. Green & Black’s Velvet Edition range is crafted by expert taste specialists (if I’d known that was a job when I was at school it would have changed EVERYTHING) who have created a smoother, less bitter dark chocolate for those a bit unsure on the more complex, strong flavours often found in dark chocolate. 


The Green & Black’s chocolate experts have managed to create a dark 70% chocolate, using high quality, gently roasted Ghanaian cocoa beans. It is SUPER SMOOTH, but still has gorgeous depth of cocoa, with delicious notes of roasted hazelnut and sweet Madagascan vanilla. Scrumptious.


Amazingly, the chocolate is made with just four ingredients, all of which are super high quality, as well as being ethically sourced and with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It is dark. And less bitter. Crackajack.

If you are wondering how Green & Black’s Velvet Edition Cocoa is ethically sourced, they’d be proud to tell you that it is sourced through Cocoa Life. A holistic, cocoa sustainability program in partnership with Fairtrade, which empowers hundreds of thousands of cocoa farmers and reaches one million community members in six key cocoa growing regions. It’s fabulous work and I loved learning about this. It made me an even bigger Green & Black’s fan. A Super Fan, if you will. I need a T-Shirt.

Over the last few weeks I have been working my way through the entire Velvet Edition range (because that’s my job, it’s a real hardship) and indulging in all the different, and extremely, delicious flavour combinations. 

And here is the beautiful Velvet Edition family…

70% Cocoa
Exceptionally smooth in flavour…

Roasted Almond
With the highest quality Mediterranean almonds, roasted with their skin on for an even more delicious flavour

Raspberry & Hazelnut
With pieces of raspberry and chopped hazelnuts. The zingy raspberries cut through the delicate chocolate and perfectly complement the sweet taste of roasted hazelnuts

Salted Caramel
With pieces of Yorkshire Caramel infused with flakes of Anglesey Sea Salt, culminating in a delicate crunch and a truly moreish taste

Sea Salt
With delicate flecks of Anglesey Sea Salt. As each flake hits the tongue, it offers a delicious contrast to the chocolate

Orange & Almond
With mouth-watering Sicilian blood orange oil and sweet chopped almonds

With Indian Peppermint oil, delivering a refreshing mint flavour which complements the sweet chocolate

I’ve been so impressed by how the characteristics of each individual ingredient cuts through the different flavours in the range. The zing of the raspberry and the cool of the mint, the sweet almonds and refreshing orange – each bar really does have a place in my chocolate library and would be my go-to on various occasions. 


Each of the bars is delicious. Smooth, sweet, not bitter and a total treat. I take these bars as gifts, I keep one in my bag, in the fridge (the mint tastes even more refreshing! It’s a top tip!) and in the cupboard… (and definitely not in my bedside table) (Definitely not).

The world of dark chocolate will never be the same again… and it’s all thanks to Green & Black’s.

I think we should all say a collective thank you. I’ll count us in – one, two, three….

This post is sponsored by Green & Black’s
and all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing… Green & Black’s Velvet Edition

  1. What is the % cocoa in these chocolates? I wouldn’t call dark to anything less than 70%! Do you know? Thanks! And great pics!

  2. It’s true that Chocolate is synonym to happiness. I must say these are beautifully crafted and looking so tasty.

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