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Best Hot Chocolate London Poppy Loves

Scooter Caffe. Pic: @cheekywkd

Here is London’s best hot chocolate, in my (not so humble) opinion. Before you read any further, I should assure you that I am 100% qualified to write this post. In fact, I couldn’t be more qualified. I’d challenge you to find someone MORE qualified, who has drunk more hot chocolates than me, and seen more sugar stars than me, in London.

You are in safe hands, dear friends. And I am writing this post as a belated celebration of being declared the Number 1 London Lifestyle Blog at the end of last year… When something good happens (or bad) and tea just isn’t cutting it… I head for hot chocolate.

It soothes the soul, sweetens a grey day and just seems to make life better, every time.

And with that in mind, here are my picks for the very best hot chocolate in London.

Get your sweet tooth on…

Rococo Chocolates

Marylebone, Belgravia, Chelsea, Covent Garden

Melt Chocolates

Notting Hill

Ruby Violet

Kings Cross


Possibly the most delicious (and most beautifully presented) hot chocolate in London! 💖

A photo posted by @janineleakelso on


The Habberdashery

Crouch End


Thick and creamy, hot choccy soup ☕️ #thehaberdashery

A photo posted by Eat Well, Travel Often (@whatsthegramage) on






Verde & Co



Had the most incredible hot chocolate yesterday. If you’re in Spitalfields and need something to warm you up go to Verde & Co.

A photo posted by Vikki | Style&Minimalism | LDN (@styleminimalism) on


Scooter Caffe




Artisan du Chocolat

Westbourne Grove



Brown and Green

Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Gipsy Hill






#hotchocolate #freshcream #foodie #soho #London @ukinnn @gelupogelateria

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I loved hunting for London’s Best Hot Chocolates – what should I hunt for next? :)

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11 thoughts on “London’s Best Hot Chocolate

  1. Omg this is SUCH a dreamy post! My fave hot choc in London is from the Gail’s at Exmouth Market. I’m not sure why but it tastes different there to the other Gail’s, and reminds of the Parisian hot chocolates that taste of pure melted chocolate!

  2. I do love a good Italian hot chocolate. Haven’t had one yet … thinking the time has come.

  3. Fabulous…you have to try the one at Claridge’s ..comes complete with a skewer of roasted marshmallows ….indulgent

      1. Good evening Poppy

        Just discovered your blog on hot choc! 3 years late. Please to do visit apostrophe cafe in London, ask the Barista to make it extra thick with love.


  4. After reading this and seeing those photos I think I’m gonna have to book a trip to London RIGHT now :-D

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yes after reading complete post, i can bet no one is more qualified then you for reading this post. hewwww now i am planning to try all these one by one :p

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