Tea & Cake at
Drink, Shop & Do

Red Velvet Cake at Drink, Shop & Do

Tea and cake are two of my utmost favourite things. They are up there, on my ‘what makes me really happy’ list, along with bubblebaths, marmite, mugs, Sunday mornings and winning at Connect 4. So you won’t be surprised to know that I know some tea and cake haunts in my city, that are SO GOOD, you’ll want to woot and toot and do handstands. Even if you can’t.

(Do I need a disclaimer here? *If you do a handstand after going to Drink, Shop & Do and hurt yourself I am not to be held responsible. But I will come and play Backgammon with you in hospital.)

Drink, Shop & Do, Kings Cross

I love the clouds…

Red Velvet cake

Pink Cake at Drink, Shop & Do

Apple cake at Drink, Shop & Do Teacups Saucers

Drink, Shop & Do is one of the most bright, quirky and gorgeous cafés in London and is just a couple of minutes walk from King’s Cross Station. It’s a place to meet friends for a cup of tea and slice of one of their many, many (many) cakes (I think there were 14 when I was there last week – and that’s only counting the big ones)… or you could go all out and have their full afternoon tea with one (or several) of their yummy boozies too…

Milk jug

Loose tea in jars

They have an extensive selection of tea…

Tea pot and yellow cups


Tea with a side of heart

Sweeties in a cup

Drink, Shop & Do is not just a place for cake though… it is the place for stellar cocktails and parties, late night dancing to old skool tracks on their juke box (free before 10pm, £3 after), crafting, making Lego robots, learning calligraphy, learning how to do vintage hair and makeup and many, many other workshops and events. That’s the ‘Do’ bit. Although, I definitely ‘Did Cake,’ when I visited.

Juke box

Their juke box…

Back from at Drink, Shop & Do

The additional back room with its enormous disco ball is the perfect place for a party…

Scrabble on a dresser

Anyone for Scrabble?

Vintage table and chairs Tulips in a milk bottle Jug of water and lemon

And on top of all of that, they have their wonderful shop, where you can buy all kinds of sweet bits and pieces… including retro sweets, which will be carefully measured out for you on their vintage scales.

The wonderful things is that everything is for sale! The chair you sit on, the spoon you stir with – even the art on the walls. It’s all up for grabs, so if you fall in love with your plate or table, you don’t have to leave it behind.

Shop in Drink Shop Do Greetings Cards Pink wool Sweet scales

You wouldn’t believe it if you saw it from the outside – a small and sweet white shop front with a little door… You’d never know that a veritable extravaganza of fun and frolics lies behind it!

It’s like the Narnia of cafés. It just gets better and better….

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Drink, Shop & Do
9 Caledonian Road
N1 9DX

Rail/Tube: King’s Cross St Pancras


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14 thoughts on “Tea & Cake at
Drink, Shop & Do

  1. I love Drink, Shop & Do! It’s been a favourite haunt for years – the tea, cakes and cocktails are so good, and I’ve spent many a happy night dancing downstairs too. Such a gem! You’ve made me want to go back asap. xxx

  2. hi poppy, yum cake and shopping perfect combo! try Bananagrams – its much more addictive than Connect 4! Roxanne

  3. Crikey! I had this on my go to the other day but we ended up going to Yumchaa (another high on my London wish list!) Bugger, it looks so good, definitely checking out next time :)

  4. It’s taken me a while to finally read this post, but the wait was worth it! I loved everything about this post, but it made me extremely hungry for something sweet! I fully regret not having a piece of chocolate cake yesterday! This place seems soo cute and fun!

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