Slow tea and biscuits

Le Creuset Kettle

I use energy all the time. And I don’t mean my own personal energy (as I use A LOT of that) but more the energy of electrical appliances. My phone, my laptop, the TV, my hairdryer… and straighteners… and curling tong things that I still can’t work out how to use…

I switch them off and on and off and on and plug them in and pull them out… and I would estimate that 90% of the time, I leave them on for longer than is really necessary. When I leave the flat, my laptop is plugged in. When I turn off the tellybox, that little red light is still twinkling…and if I let my hair dry naturally for longer, I’d need to use the hair dryer for less time… and on it goes.

Le Creuset Kettle

My kettle whistles!

Le Creuset Kettle

I was recently challenged by Money Supermarket to give up an electrical item I use on a regular basis, for one week, to see if it made any change to my life at all… so I took a deep breath and gave up the appliance that is so close to my heart, it rivals LM. But I will never tell him that. Obvs.

I gave up my kettle.

Le Creuset Kettle

I gave up my lovely electric kettle that takes two ticks to boil. It was packed away and instead I used my Le Creuset kettle on the hob to make my coffee, my tea and everything in between; dissolving stock cubes, filling my hot water bottle (yes I’m still cold) making risotto…

Enjoying a cup of tea is one of my favourite things to do, as you well know. More recently however, this beloved ritual of mine has become more of a military operation.

Royal Albert tea set

Teacup: Royal Albert

I race to the kitchen in-between emailing and writing and answering the phone… grabbing a couple of minutes where I can click on the kettle, stuff a teabag in my mug, go to the loo while the kettle boils (I pee fast) and then run back to the kitchen pulling my trousers up, pour in the milk LIKE A MANIAC before gulping it down, burning my tongue and wincing as I see that 10 more emails have arrived in my weary inbox…

This challenge has put an end to that madness. I can report is that there was a change in Poppy land. Suddenly, everything had to slow down.

Royal Albert tea set

To a gentler pace.

Royal Albert tea set

I had to leave time.

Royal Albert tea set

And wait for the kettle to boil.

Royal Albert tea set

And I enjoyed waiting.

Royal Albert tea set

These amazing biscuits were made by the Biscuiteers, to celebrate 100 years of Royal Albert!

And waiting.

Royal Albert tea set

What has been so strange about this process, is that when I slowed down, I felt as though I was gaining in time…

The other very important factor, is that I know I have been saving money too. Gas is already cheaper than electricity, but I have been being so mindful about the process, that I have found myself boiling just the right amount of water I need for one cup of tea or teapot – rather than filling up my electric kettle, clicking it onto boil… and then if I forgot about it for any reason (I regularly did) I would flick it on again… wasting oodles of energy unnecessarily.

My Le Creuset kettle WHISTLES! There is no escape! It calls me to tend to it and I make my tea slowly, with care and I value it more for the time it has taken me to make.

I then pour it from my favourite teapot, drink it in a beautiful cup and indulge in a biscuit fit for a princess.



Because that’s what I am, you see.

Princess Poppy.

Princess Poppy with a love for slow tea and biscuits.

And an overflowing inbox.


p.s. I haven’t unpacked my electric kettle yet… I rather like slow.

//This post is in collaboration with MoneySuperMarket, but all thoughts are our own

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