My Valentine’s Gift List for the chaps


I did it! And I did it before the 13th February! Here is my Valentine’s gift list for the man in your life – husband, grandpa, son, boyfriend, pal…

But I can’t take full credit for this one – my brilliant LM curated this with me. Because he’s a chap and he is stylish and he’s very picky when it comes to, well , everything. So if these items have been given his seal of approval (well, everything apart from the pork crackling – he’s not a fan but I’m confident I’m onto a winner with that one) then I know they will truly make wonderful gifts.

I hope you find this helpful and that my sifting through the endless stacks of online shelves, all screaming “VALENTINE!!!” has made the shopping process a little easier for you :)

I hope you enjoy perusing our selection. And I’m sorry about the caption font – I can’t seem to change it and it’s really bugging me.

Love, as always xx

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2 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Gift List for the chaps

  1. I was going crazy trying to think about what to get my fiancé for Valentines day, but this list is great, I definitely have a few ideas now.

    Thanks xx

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