My knitwear edit for my mum and her friends

I was recently chatting to my mum about shopping online for clothes and she highlighted to me how she just didn’t find it enjoyable or particularly easy. My mum is cool. She has a young soul and outlook. She’s bouncy and vivacious and funny and cheeky and in her late 60s… yet when I started browsing, trying to find shops online, where I felt she was represented, was really bloody difficult.

All the clothes are worn by younger women in the pictures and I’m certain this immediately creates a block for many women who don’t see themselves reflected in any way in the collections.

So, I thought I’d take the hassle and uncomfortableness out of the online searching and shopping process and curate my own edit for mum, her pals and anyone else in their 60’s and beyond, who just “can’t be bothered” with it all. (Sound familiar?)

I’ve curated quite a muted collection and have selected a few different brands, which may feel like unfamiliar territory… however they are all available in John Lewis, as I know this is something that mum finds reassuring as she’s been a customer for years, their customer service is great and returning items is easy. Also, who doesn’t love John Lewis.

So here we go. And bear with me, this is my first attempt and includes a wide range of styles… so all feedback gratefully received and if this is something enough people find helpful, I will ensure I do it regularly.

Oh and it’s nearly Friday, gang! And Izzy goes back to nursery tomorrow! And isolation is over! And WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE I NEED TO CELEBRATE.

AllSaints Ridley Cashmere Blend Jumper, Grey Marl
AllSaints Ridley Cashmere Blend Jumper, Grey Marl

This cashmere blend jumper comes in this soft pink and also a grey marl. I LOVE the sleeves and how gorgeously cosy it looks – I love being wrapped up like this. It’s also currently got 30% off.

The Fold Lisson Stripe Jumper, Navy/Camel
The Fold Lisson Stripe Jumper, Navy/Camel

Gorgeous boat neckline and chunky rollover cuffs – this is wool blend so again, really cosy for Winter. Pair with trousers like this lady, or with denim, a long skirt… bit of a special piece, this one.

White Stuff Floral Long Cardigan, Light Tan

hush Kiley Frill High Neck Jumper, Dusty Pink or Pebble

Love the neckline and loose fit of this – super feminine, pretty and sophis. Great combo :)

Forever New Mayleen Roll Neck Knit Jumper, Chocolate

This might be my favourite piece. The sleeve detail is a bit of a clincher for me, but the collar and the colour are also total winners.

Max Studio Tunic Jumper, Pink Marl

This looks like it could very quickly become the jumper you never ever take off. Perfect for lounging about the house but could very easily be dressed up for a lovely lunch out (remember those…?)

Kin Chunky Rib Knitted Poncho, Khaki

Such an interesting and handy piece to have knocking about in the wardrobe! This is exclusive to John Lewis and in a gorgeous khaki tone…

Brora Cashmere Stripe Jumper, French Navy/Swan

A crew neckline and bretton stripes – Brora really do know what they’re doing when it comes to cashmere… It’s not a cheapy and a bit more of an investment, but this is a jumper you’ll wear year on year. Unless you have moths. In which case, you need to either a) move house or b) put this gorgeous thing into a sealed bag.

FatFace Hannah Cardigan, Ivory

If you haven’t perused the shelves at Fatface before, allow me to introduce. When it comes to Winter and autumnal cosies at affordable prices, they always come up trumps. Love this. And look – pockets. WIN. #tissues

Kin Rib Knit Dress, Khaki

A jumper dress is one of my all time favourite pieces to have in my wardrobe and I stand by my theory that they can be a staple for any age. So easy, so cosy, so elegant and fuss-free. All you have to think about are your pants, bra, tights… and maybe wearing a vest or t-shirt underneath. If you’ve not worn one before, consider this your call to convert.

I really hope this has been helpful! Please do share and let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful weekend! xx

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