Folk & Fairytale prints and cosies to take us all the way to Spring…


Yes yes yes I know it’s snowing. BUT bear with me… I know I’m right. The sun has been peaking through the clouds and I can see the beginnings of Spring appearing. Snowdrops have sprouted, it’s no longer like the middle of the night when I collect Izzy from nursery AND there has begin a tingling of desire for pretty dresses and layering knits, from deep within my soul.

If I’m honest, the urge to wear pretty dresses and knitwear is pretty much a year-long event, but when I start getting excited about fairytale and folky prints and a pink cardigan leaps out and smacks me around the heart, I know that Spring is just around the corner. Yesterday’s Wednesday Wishlist was all about this and I’m doing another round up here for you, with the addition of a couple of cosies for layering. Ready? Steady… Enjoy. And the next blog post will not be a fashion one! Just seen I’ve done three in a row – that’s a record even for me!

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Mare Mare Lynda Tiered Maxi Dress from Anthropologie
Monsoon Tunic Dress
Chrissie printed dress with organic cotton blue from Monsoon – currently on sale
Textured Stitch V-Neck Cardigan
Textured Stitch V-Neck Cardigan from The White Company – perfect for layering up over your dress
GLEE dress by ba&sh
GLEE dress by ba&sh – I just bought this one myself so will show you a pic once it arrives! Currently 50% off – woo!
GLEE dress by ba&sh
Floral Meadow Print Green Midi Dress
Floral Meadow Print Green Midi Dress by Oliver Bonas
I fell in love with this cardi from Sézane as soon as I saw it…
Sézane pink cardigan
Ta da!
Cute Cluster Floral Print Yellow Maxi Dress
Cute Cluster Floral Print Yellow Maxi Dress by Oliver Bonas
Sezane Jumper
Another winner from Sézane – instant love.
Sézane jumper
Fatface dungarees
These dungarees from Fatface are brilliant – I’ve had mine for a couple of years and they are still as good as new. A transition staple of mine.
8 hour cream Elizabeth Arden
And finally, if you don’t already own this, now is the time to invest. I use it constantly during these months, on my lips to keep the super soft, my cuticles and even my elbows – stick it anywhere and it seems to solve the problem. Amazing stuff.

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6 thoughts on “Folk & Fairytale prints and cosies to take us all the way to Spring…

  1. That Sezane sweater is the sweater of dreams!! Such a pretty color. Thanks for the suggestions! This post introduced me to a few brands I’ve never heard of but have since bookmarked ;)

    1. I’m so glad you’ve found some new brands to lust after… there are some very gorgeous ones out there!

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