Taking ‘Baby-Friendly’ to a whole new level,
at Brown’s Hotel, Mayfair

Baby Friendly Hotel - Browns Mayfair

We did it. We did a baby. We did a baby with reflux and got through it. And now we did a baby that eats carrots and laughs at her own reflection like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever seen… we did a baby that lets me listen to The High Low while she throws books on the floor and we love her lots and lots and lots and lots.

We also did a baby that means that every night we are tucked up in bed at home and not Out Out eating dinner (at least not together) or anywhere else for that matter…

But then, the most wonderful invitation for me, LM and Squizzabelle arrived on my digital doormat from the ever so gorgeous Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair, who have taken it upon themselves to ensure they are the most baby-friendly hotel in town…. and I love them for this.

The stunning reception area at Brown’s Hotel

“Brown’s Hotel is an iconic luxury hotel where history and 21st century sophistication come together. The retreat of choice for royalty, presidents and literary greats over the centuries, Brown’s Hotel is an enduringly distinguished destination in London.

We travelled by tube, which I’m sure sounds a bit crackers to some of you, but honestly, trundling along on the tube is so easy with Isabelle (it’s also how I got to hospital when my waters broke) (We can talk about that another time) – especially when the stations have good disabled/buggy access and we don’t have to change lines, which is exactly the situation we found ourselves in; We hopped onto the Victoria Line at Walthamstow and about 20 mins later we were walking up the ramp at Green Park station….and then 4 minutes later we were in the hotel, with someone taking our bags, carrying our buggy and whisking all our bits and pieces up to our room… which completely knocked our socks off…

This beautiful tee pee had been set up for Izzy, complete with fairy lights, toys and books… so fabulous!
I love how she chats to herself…
Izzy’s playsuit is by Tu Clothing

The room was spectacular, with lots of lovely light, an enormous bed, a comfortable sofa area and a huge ensuite bathroom…

But it was all the special touches for Isabelle that really blew us away. The teepee was gorgeous, but they had also set up a beautiful dark wooden cot for her, complete with bedding and a mobile, there was a nappy bin, a changing mat, a bottle steriliser (which we didn’t need but may parents would) a high chair, a non-slip bath mat, child-friendly bath soaps and even a rubber duckie…. Isabelle was absolutely in her element and we were instantly relaxed and felt very at ease knowing that every detail had been taken care of, so we didn’t have to think about it… what a luxurious (and recently alien) feeling…

*Someone* wasn’t satisfied with the positioning of the high chair…
The bathroom was gigantic!
We gave Izzy a bath the night and she loved it – splishing and splashing and making an absolute racket… then it was jim jams, story, and bed… and she fell fast asleep in her cot, fit for a princess.
Gorgeous soaps for us
Childs Farm bath products for Izzy

We had brought our own baby monitor and the wifi stretched all the way down to the restaurant, where we having dinner that night… so we could close and lock our bedroom door, where Izzy was sleeping (I don’t mean to sound smug, BUT SHE WAS ASLEEP!!) with total peace of mind.

We headed downstairs to the Donovan Bar, where we enjoyed a quiet drink before dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Charlie’s. We sat, staring at the monitor and sleeping Izzy, unable to quite believe how lucky we were… we were adulting, after 7pm, in a gorgeous hotel, in Mayfair and she was as happy and as peaceful as could be.

So we relaxed. And had the most lovely evening…

Inspired by its namesake, celebrated photographer Terrance Donovan, this cosy drinking den is adorned with his iconic 1960s prints…

We then headed into Charlie’s, where we were lucky to try some of the dishes that were being previewed ahead of Adam Byatt‘s (the new Chef Director at Brown’s Hotel) new September menu… and they were all absolutely delicious…

Charlie’s at Brown’s Hotel
Model: It’s me, team
Camera: It’s my Olympus OMD and you can still use my code POPPY20 to get 20% off anything at the Olympus online store
Dress: And Other Stories (affiliate link)

Dinner was absolutely delicious (you can see a sample menu here) and at around 10pm we were ready to hit the hay… so up the stairs we went and gently opened the door… she didn’t stir. (HIGH FIVES!)

Due to its positioning and heavy wooden door, we were able to use the bathroom without fear of waking her up and once in bed, it didn’t take long before I was dead to the world.

There is nothing I love more than going to bed in a hotel, knowing that I have a gorgeous hotel breakfast to begin my day the next morning… I’ve always loved breakfast in hotels. I believe, strongly, that I have a separate tummy reserved for hotel breakfasts alone. And it comes in extraordinarily useful, especially after a big dinner the night before…

A GORGEOUS brekky buffet, with plenty of lovely options for Isabelle too…
You just can’t beat poached eggs and avocado on toast. Love.
Izzy was still having a morning nap when we visited, so we were able to enjoy a coffee and read the papers in silence while she snoozed for an hour around 9:30am after brekky…

And then, sadly, it was time to leave…

Just as we were checking out the heavens opened and we weren’t in any way prepared for rain! (We had checked the forecast and it was meant to be sunny! Honest!)

The hotel kindly loaned us umbrellas so we could get home cosy and dry, and they helped us to get outside with our bags and buggy… and then, we were on our way, back on the tube to Walthamstow…

Thank you for the umbrellas, Brown’s!
Buggy: Ergobaby Metro

We all had such a wonderful time and we were looked after so beautifully.

Thank you so much to Brown’s for being the perfect host, for scooping us up in our tired haze and sending us on our way that little bit more refreshed… and for making us feel that we were always welcome, even when Izzy was throwing her avocado onto the floor. And her toast.

And her milk.

Thank you.

Brown’s Hotel
Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BP

We were guests of Brown’s Hotel and all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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