Write this recipe down.
You’ll be so pleased you did.

chocolate delice
Photo: Jade Nina Sarkhel

You know that dessert you had at that restaurant once and you thought you’d died and gone to heaven… and then you thought how sad it was that you couldn’t make it yourself and HOW do they do it and HOW is it so delicious… and how how how HOW could you get the recipe?

Look no further. I have the answer to your woes and it be right here. Michael McDaid, Head Chef at Northbank Restaurant has created this exquisite dessert, and more than that, he’s given us the recipe so that you and I can make it ourselves. At home. Whenever we want. (Dreams do come true).

Go forth and conquer pudding forevermore.

Chocolate Delice with Orange Segments (serves 6)

2tbsp orange zest
1/2tbsp Maldon sea salt

175g dark chocolate
50g egg yolk
25g sugar
125ml milk
200ml whipping cream

2 oranges, peeled and segmented

Mix the orange zest and sea salt, then leave for a couple of days to dry out. Crush it with a rolling pin until a fine powder is formed. Set aside until plating the dessert.

To make the delice, melt the chocolate in a bowl over a bain-marie. Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks and sugar to a thick sabayon.

Next, bring the milk and 125ml of whipping cream to the boil, then add to the sabayon and cook out on the stove until slightly thicker.

Mix the egg mixture and the melted chocolate until smooth, then leave to cool. 

Whip the remaining 75ml whipping cream to soft peaks, then fold the whipped cream in to the chocolate mixture.

Pipe the chocolate mixture into six shallow food rings (D1in x W3in), then level off to create a smooth, neat top. Leave to chill for a minimum of two hours or, preferably, overnight. Remove from the fridge 30min before serving and garnish with the orange segments and orange salt.

Northbank Restaurant
Millennium Bridge,
1 Paul’s Walk, London EC4V 3QH

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You’ll be so pleased you did.

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