Remeo Gelato: it’s the real deal


I know my ice cream. I know good ice cream, great ice cream, and knock your socks off ice cream… and then there is gelato, which is a whole different ball game.

Gelato is definitely different to ice cream – it has a higher proportion of milk to ice cream and a lower proportion of cream and eggs (or no eggs at all). It is also churned at a much slower rate, which incorporates less air and makes the gelato far denser than standard ice cream. Yum.

And the best place to eat gelato is Italy… which is why I was so confused to be eating some of the best gelato I’ve ever tasted, in my flat in London last weekend…


No.5 Pistacchio Siciliano – this gelato tasted more like pistachios than any other ice cream of gelato I have ever tasted.

Remeo Gelato

Remeo Gelato

Yummy pistachios crumbled on top…

Remeo Gelato

Gelato in a bowl

Artisanal gelato brand Remeo Gelato, is made with 100% natural ingredients and their ethos centres on using the smallest amount of ingredients, all of the highest quality and with absolutely nothing artificial. It is for these reasons and also down to their unique (top secret) production process (it’s called mantecazione – shhh) that means the product has 35% less fat than regular ice cream and is gluten free. Hurrah! This means you can eat 35% more of it than you normally would. I I know that’s not what it really means. (But that’s exactly what it means.) Let’s just call this healthy ice cream. Because we can.


You must eat your gelato out of a pretty bowl. Poppy’s law.

Remeo Gelato


ice cream pot with spoon

The smaller 100ml pots come with a handy little spoon…

The clever people at Remeo knew that an authentic gelato couldn’t be produced anywhere else but in Italy, so that’s where, after years of experiments with the help of their “Mastri Gelatieri”, they have managed to come up with their incredibly special product and ship it over here for the likes of you and me to gobble up.

Remeo Gelato

And it is absolutely delicious. I was lucky enough to be sent three out of their five flavours to try; Pistachio Siciliano, Bourbon Vanilla and Caffe Espresso. The pistachio flavour tasted more like pistachios than any other ice cream or gelato I’ve ever had, the Bourbon Vanilla flavour has scooted to the number one position in my all time favourite vanilla ice creams, and the espresso flavour was unbelievable – LM and I couldn’t work out why the flat was smelling of coffee and then I realised I’d left the lid off the tub while I waited for it to soften a bit! They’re not too sweet, super smooth and so SO good.

The beautiful experience doesn’t stop with the gelato though – have you seen the amazing packaging?! The gorgeous transparent jars (LM thought it was face cream) were designed by a former fashion designer and as well as being super stylish, they also preserve the freshness of the gelato – clever stuff.

It’s selling in lots of places in London and around the UK, so have a look at their list of stockists to find out where you can pick some up.

Remeo is the Latin for ‘I return’ and they have certainly brought back the true authentic gelato experience for me.

Lo adoro.

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  1. Just back from Italy and ate a lot of gelato. This looks great! Currently writing up trip to Rome, Florence and Venice. There’s so much to say though! X

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