Café Couture: Edible Lace

Edible Lace

Pic found over here…

I can’t quite believe this exists. But it does. SugarVeil edible lace. *Faints* Decorate your freshly baked cookies, (and then give them to me) or drop one in a cup of tea or coffee to make it extra twinkly special (And then give it to me) and admire your gorgeous handiwork.

Have you ever seen anything prettier? *Sigh*

I am completely in love with this and can no longer imagine tea (or cookies) without it.

Wondering what else I can decorate with this now… cakes, mini chocolate mousses.. (would that work?) I am feeling light headed..

Time for a sit down and breakfast at my favourite cafe… Buy from the UK here:


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10 thoughts on “Café Couture: Edible Lace

  1. Oh wow, these are so beautiful! I think a plate of cookies decorated with that edible lace on top and a vintage tea set alongside would make for the perfect Saturday afternoon :)

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