Sunday Brunch on Saturday.
At Sunday. (Confused?)

Sunday brunch

I got back from hopping around the Greek islands on Friday afternoon, tired and weary from all the travelling… So on Saturday morning, I woke up ravenous and in need of glorious yummy sustenance. LM and I headed out into the great sunny outdoors to hunt down a brunch to end all brunches.

And we found the mothership.

Sunday Cafe, which is a few minutes walk from Highbury and Islington station, is not only open on Sundays. Which makes the whole Googling process really confusing when hunting for Saturday brunch. But once we’d established that Sunday was open on Saturday (that was weird to write) we hopped on over and prayed we wouldn’t have to wait too long for a table….

Sunday Cafe Sunday Cafe

Coffee to go

Around four different groups of people were ahead of us in the queue when we arrived… but in 10 minutes, we were seated and drinking fresh orange juice which tasted as though the oranges had been plucked off the tree that morning.

Fresh orange juice

Fresh orange juice

The orange juice was served in these pretty glass jars…

I believe they change their menu every day, but I’m afraid I’m not sure. They don’t have a website and there is limited information on their Facebook Page, but the menu on Saturday was posted up on their Instagram first thing that morning (below) and it looked amazing. EVERYTHING looked utterly delicious and we tried to work out how many different things we could try before falling over in a gastronomic heap.

Sunday Menu

Turned out not many, as the portions were enormous… so we both went for Mexican options. I don’t know why. Quite frankly, I have no idea how I managed to not order the  Brioche French Toast, vanilla crème fraîche, banana & salted caramel. But I did. And I shall be forever in awe of myself.

Sunday brunch

Huevos rotos, chorizo, potatoes, peppers & avocado, toast – £10.50

Sunday Cafe Brunch

Yellow corn arepa, chorizo, halloumi, avocado, fried eggs, corn salsa – £10.50

Sunday brunch

Fresh and delicious and ridiculously good – this is a brunch to celebrate. It’s the kind of brunch that you take your friend to, who’s visiting you in London from another land, to wow them and make them move to the city. Which they would do. If they ordered what we ordered. Or probably anything else on the menu. (I’ve heard sensational things about their pancakes…)

I even Snapchatted it. (Is Snapchat a verb? Can you say I ‘Snapchatted you’? I have no idea what I’m doing on Snapchat – I’m new to it. I keep doing crazy things, safe in the knowledge that they’ll disappear in 24hrs… but failing to remember that people can still see my snaps when I do them. There has been lip-syncing. Oh, I’m ‘poppyloves’.)

Water with fresh mint

Even the water was perfect…

Table mats


They have a heavenly selection of cakes on the counter



Yep, I'm still rocking my Office sandals from last year...

Yep, I’m still rocking my Office sandals from last year…

Sunday cafe

The inside of the cafe has a lovely relaxed and laid back vibe…

Sunday cafe garden

And there’s even a little garden out the back…

Bright and colourful the blues and yellows...

Bright and colourful interior…love the paint, woods and patterns…

Islington is stuffed to the brim with eateries and bruncheries (? whatever, I’m using it) but this little hidden gem (and it is hidden – you need to know where you’re going to find it) is in its own foodie league. And the slightly higher prices are worth it tenfold.

It is a sparkly jewel of a find and I am excited to point you in Sunday’s direction. Which is also open on Saturday.

It’s an SEO disaster.

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Sunday Cafe and Restaurant
169 Hemingford Road
London, N1  1DA

Closest stations: Highbury & Islington, Caledonian Road or Caledonian Road & Barnsbury


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch on Saturday.
At Sunday. (Confused?)

  1. That’s really a bit weird, but it looks so lovely. :) I will visit London soon so I’m happy for every recommendations. Will keep that café in mind. :)

    Greetings from Germany!

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