I’ve made it to Snapchat!

Found here

Found here

I’m sorry, Snapwhat?

I know. I feel for you. I had no idea what Snapchat was until I was away in Greece last week with Lydia, the GURU of Snapchat, who showed me the ropes… and now I’m hooked.  And what more proof do you need than me lip syncing to camera?

(My username is poppyloves)

I always thought that Snapchat was what kids used to send rude pictures to people, safe in the knowledge that they’d vanish from the world a few seconds after they’d posted them… but even though there is an element of truth in that (I promise I won’t send you rude pictures) Snapchat is so much more.

Snapchat allows you to create stories through stringing a series of snaps and short videos (10 secs or less) together over the course of a day… and after 24 hours, it’s gone forever.

For me, this is exactly what had been missing in my blogging life. I agonise over achieving the perfect photographs on my blog or the ultimate filtered pic for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter… while Snapchat allows me to give an unfiltered view of my ACTUAL life. It’s much more scrapbooky and I can take you with me wherever I go in REAL TIME, whether that be Greece, Costa Rica, or the Post Office (see below snapchat story…)

So now you might believe me when I tell you that yesterday I had ice cream delivered to my home and I eat Jelly Babies like a demon.

Look me up – I’m ‘poppyloves’ – and come along with me on this weird and wonderful journey…

Or, just take a pic of the below yellow ghost with your Snapchat app and we’ll be instant friends.

Poppy Loves Snapchat

(My username is poppyloves)

I am so down with the cool kids now.

Next stop, beatboxing.

*Makes tea and listens to The Archers*

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p.s. If you get stuck setting up your snapchat, just ask me a question in the comments below – it took me a while to figure it out but it was definitely worth the wait!



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