New Year. New Bathroom.
The Before…

Ripples Bathroom

Merry new year, to all of you and your lovely faces. I’m so aware that I haven’t written yet, since the year began… but what can I say – the struggle here is real! The whole nursery closing/working/mumming/blogging thing really needs some fine tuning. In fact, it’s impossible. And I’ve just had to make peace with that and recognise that not everything can happen. So some things have definitely slid a little further down the Eva Mountain than I’d hoped they would… but not for long, I hope! And that I clean forgot to just pop on here and say “HURRAH! WE MADE IT! IT’S 2021!” is a clear testament to my frazzledness. (No, that’s not a word).

But enough of that. I’m ok. I’m sending you love. And now, let’s talk about my bathroom. And my word, how I have been longing for a new bathroom ever since we moved into this house, nearly 5 years ago. The original bathroom was put in by the previous resident – a very tall chap with delusions of DIY Grandure, which made for a very wobbly, wonky bathroom with a mirror that’s so high up on the wall that I’m forced to stand on Izzy’s stool to see myself. (It was my stool – I bought it for this purpose before I was even pregnant – it’s now her stool).

This suite! Time to say bye bye…
Look how high the mirror is! I’ve literally gone 5 years without being able to see myself in the bathroom mirror. No one can cleanse their face effectively with this sitch.
That smudge on the wall is us fiddling about with paint samples…

The floor was uneven, the towel rail spent a large amount of its life on the floor, the fan was ineffective, the shower cubicle was on its last legs (we had to adjust the hinges nearly every day to stop it falling apart) the tiles were held together with silicone, the suite was from the 1700s… however, the actual arrangement of the bathroom was, really, the only way it could be, if we wanted to have a separate shower and bath. Which we did.

We also ummed and ahhhed for a considerable time about whether or not we should keep the enormous, cast iron roll top bath. When we were looking to buy in Walthamstow, we saw a large number of houses with very small bathrooms and we were really struggling to find one that floated our boat. When we first saw this house and saw the beautiful roll top bath, it was a proper wow-factor moment for us. It made such an impression – such a luxurious thing to have in our home! We would never have chosen it as it is so impractical, regarding space, storage etc (where do you put your shampoo?!) but we both fell in love with it. And that it why, dear reader, despite it still being the least practical decision we could have made, we have decided to keep it.


We knew that doing our bathroom meant more than choosing a new suite and some tiles – we needed the floor re-levelled, the shower and toilet boxed out, shelving, possibly new rerouting of pipes… AND we also knew that sourcing everything we needed ourselves was just not a possibility for us while we were so time-poor. The bathroom had to be done urgently (when I say it was held together with silicone, I really mean it. We were on borrowed time…) and we needed some help in getting the design and install done done diddly done.

Enter Ripples. Ripples was founded in 1988 by Roger and Sandra Kyme and they have been creating award-winning, top-quality bathrooms for 30 years. Their first family-owned showroom officially opened in Bath and now they have showrooms all over the place – I visited the one on England’s Lane, Belsize Park. And as soon as I walked in, I knew I was in safe hands.

We spoke at length to the designer Jo, and showed her our Pinterest boards, our colour ideas… we dumped our muddled brains on her desk and she picked her way through the puzzle like a pro… and in record time. And NOTHING was an issue and EVERYTHING was possible.

Us – “We’d really like some storage for all of Izzy’s toys and also for the impressive bubble bath collection we have accumulated oh and I would like somewhere to put my tea when I’m having a bath and can I have a place where my phone will be safe when I’m listening to a podcast and I need somewhere for my speaker and we like pink”.

Jo – “No problem”.

Then began the very short process of mood boards and ideas and products being emailed back and forth… but quite honestly, she basically nailed it on the first go. And then we visited again to check colours and textures of tiles and furniture… and then we got to take them all home with us to see in our space and check the colours were what we thought they were.

And they were.

And then she put together the most beautiful hand drawn and painted drawings for us, which you can see at the top of this post.

So we hit the button. Let’s go! And go they did. And you can see the finished result in my next blog post.

We knew the floor needed levelling, but it turns out there was a 4cm discrepancy!
Our lovely new tiles from Mandarin Stone
Shower tray going in….

(Exciting, isn’t it?)

See the finished bathroom here.

This post is written in collaboration with Ripples and I received a discounted rate for my bathroom.

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One thought on “New Year. New Bathroom.
The Before…

  1. I can’t wait to see the “after” pictures. The summer we remodeled our bathroom we also discovered we had a water leak in the kitchen that destroyed our hardwood floors, our furnace went out (it powers the air conditioner – and you may as well replace the water heater, mam), and we lost electricity for 5 days during a heat wave. But it is lovely! In my next house I want “His & Hers Separate Master Baths.” Mine will have a door with a big lock.

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