Taking Family-Friendly to the next level at Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall


Oh oh oh. I wrote about this incredible hotel towards the end of last year and sadly there was a blip on my blog and it never went live! I only realised this recently so please forgive the tardiness of this post, and the one that follows it, as the stories took place back in September, so little Izzy looks far littler! But now, let me tell you about the glorious Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall, which when it comes to family-friendly and baby-friendly, they win ALL THE PRIZES.

I’m not sure if you recall, but last September was not a particular warm one, especially in Cornwall! But as we left Hotel du Vin in Winchester and slowly edged closer to the sea, by the time we arrived, the clouds had parted and we had the most amazing sunshiney welcome.

Their amazingly bright and spacious restaurant area, where dogs and babies could roam free…
This is the adjoining room, where we placed Izzy’s travel cot…

We were very (very) tired when we arrived at Watergate Bay. We’d had a few nights of not much sleep (thank you Izzy) and we were really feeling it. We had heard that Watergate Bay was a particularly family friendly hotel… but we had no idea just how extraordinary it would be.

There are certain things as a (fairly) new parent, which can make life either hugely stressful if not handled or timed to perfection. And these things all revolve around either sleep or food. Naptime! Lunch time! Snack time! Supper time! Bed time! REPEAT! And it is these things that I find so much harder to manage when we’re not at home… But somehow, Watergate Bay Hotel had all of this in hand, had taken EVERYTHING into consideration and the result was that they made our lives much much easier.

One of the first things that happened, which gave us a clue that we’d landed somewhere very special, was that when we checked in, they handed us a baby monitor. But not just any baby monitor – the most whizz-bang-high-tech monitor, complete with an iPad and built in wifi, so we could wander around the hotel and spa, sit in any of the several restaurants or cafe areas, or even have a cream tea in the snug.. and BE ABLE TO SEE HER AT ALL TIMES – nap time was sorted. It meant that every day at 1pm, we could put her down and cosy up anywhere we liked from between 1 to 2 hours of time…just for us.

I just sat here having some lunch and couldn’t quite believe my luck.
The food was delicious and the portions were always generous

We very quickly relaxed into the rhythm of this wonderful hotel. We’d wake up slowly, wander down for breakfast and Izzy would work her way through pretty much everything that was on offer in the brekky buffet at their restaurant, Zacry’s…

Book: Collaboration with Once Upon

… and then, after brekky, the unthinkable happened. We would drop off Isabelle for TWO HOURS at the Kids’ Zone, where Izzy would be looked after by experienced DBS (formerly CRB) accredited staff in an Ofsted-registered, activity-led space. It was like dropping her off at the best nursery in the world. It was packed to the hilt with toys, games, activities… and even had an outside space for the children to play in…and she loved it… (And so did we!)

Kids’ Zone
The arts and crafts area in The Kids’ Zone
The outside play area (snapped through the window!)

Then she would nap and we would have a lazy lunch. After which, we’d either head down to the beach if the weather allowed, or we’d hole up in the Spa and swim with Izzy and take it in turns to have a lie down or a massage…

The exquisite infinity pool at Watergate Bay Hotel
The snug
Cream tea in the snug was a mid-afternoon treat…
Books and games a-plenty for guests to borrow…
Old habits die hard ;)

At 5pm, Zacry’s lay on a ‘Kid’s Tea’, which is a buffet full of wonder – roast chicken, cauliflower cheese, fresh veg, fruit, yoghurt, fish, eggs… you name it – each day they made sure there was enough of a variety so you could try things out and if anything was rejected, there were plenty of backups. It was amazing and again, took all the pressure off us when it came to her supper. And breathe…


Izzy loved it and again, this added huge value to our own grown up holiday as we notched up even more relaxation credit… just another thing we didn’t have to think about.

Beach time with my sausage

And then once we’d put her to bed, we’d stroll down to dinner, iPad in hand and dine at one of the several restaurants. We had delicious meals at Zacry’s, Watchful Mary and The Beach Hut… and the monitor worked EVERYWHERE.

Inside Watchful Mary…

Watergate Bay Hotel picked us up, when we were practically on our knees with tiredness, and looked after us in more ways than we could have possibly imagined. We felt so cared for and coddled in our Cornish bolthole… and if we could go there every week, I would.

Thank you so much to the wonderful team there, who were just the bees knees brilliant with every single person staying under their roof.

It was a very, very special break indeed. We left feeling rejuvenated and full of more beans than we’d had in a while, and set off on the final leg of our holiday to Woolley Grange in The Cotswolds feeling like new people…

And our wonderful stay at Woolley Grange Hotel will be the next post that pops up here tomorrow. Unless of course my blog has another blip. In which case, I shall be banging my head against a wall and someone will need to bring me cake.

We were guests of Watergate Bay Hotel
and all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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2 thoughts on “Taking Family-Friendly to the next level at Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall

  1. I don’t even have children* but I already love the sound of Watergate Bay!

    * bookmarking for when I do!

    1. Oh so pleased! Please let me know if you go – I’ll place a bet now that you won’t want to come home ;)

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