Local brunching with my little family


I woke up this morning with the sun pouring through the window – what a treat for a Sunday in late January. “Today we brunch!” I announced. And Isabelle concurred. Despite not knowing what brunch is.

We live a short walk away from Eat17, one of my favourite haunts in Walthamstow. Set in the village, opposite the square (where I always expect to see a game of Petanque but alas, none to date) Eat17 is an all-day eatery with a *sensational Spar attached next door. (*I don’t use this word lightly – it is a local store with more condiments that you could ever count and the BEST sourdough, pastries and local produce, with a vegan burger bar at the back. I meander the aisles in merry bliss).

My veggie brunch – vegan sausage, mushroom fritters, fried eggs, dauphinoise hash brown, crushed avocado, sautéed spinach, bertha baked beans

We strolled down this morning at around 11am and miraculously our favourite table was available – right by the window, with space for Izzy to roam and their deep sofa for me to slump in. I ordered their veggie brekky, LM had avocado on toast with poached eggs, and Isabelle had her own portion of avo on toast, served on an unbreakable plate (very good call, Eat17) and an Izzy-sized fork, which she ever so proudly held and used – a new found skill. Such independence!


We took with us our arsenal of entertainment tricks – books, crayons, paper, a banana (I now never leave the house without one) and a sparkly bangle that’s stolen her heart…

Izzy’s trousers are from Indikidual, who’ve taken an incubator at Central Parade in Walthamstow

I sipped my coffee in the sunny spot indoors, feeling my whole body warm up with the sun on my face… and I had such an overwhelming surge of pride and gratefulness surge through me. The last time we’d all sat there together, Izzy was 8 weeks old, she was unwell and I was very much not myself… I was extremely low and I remember the feeling that things were never, ever going to get better…

And then today. Here I was with my little gang. With coffee, with smiles, with curls, with Spot and with avocado smeared over every surface that was visible.

What a turnaround, team.

A very merry Sunday to you all.

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