Refurbishing a nursery into bedroom in a Victorian Terrace…


You may remember Isabelle’s nursery from when she was first born. I was so proud of the space we had for her – a simple room in our Victorian terrace house, with minimal furniture and minimal stuff. We had a beautiful cot (which she still loves and sleeps so well in), a large, high-backed chair for nursing/sleeping/gazing into the middle distance in… and a changing table.

And then all of a sudden, she’s a toddler. The stuff has increased (but not as much as you might think) she plays, she paints, she rolls about, she belly laughs and she gets furious ever so quickly after finding something utterly hilarious. She’s a proper little human and needed a new space where she could be inspired and play… and where WE could enjoy being with her, reading stories and lying down in a puddle of sheer exhaustion as she flings herself at us and makes everyone (me, LM, teddy, bunny, monkey and Mr Uppity) tea.

We found a TeePee for her to snuggle away in and pour over her books and have tea parties, a beanbag to sit on/throw/lie on, chew (we’ve explained it’s not a good idea) and a little rocking chair for us to sit on for bedtime stories. But there were still a few things missing… and there was one word on my lips – WAYFAIR.

Signs that Isabelle has been in the TeePee… #tea
The Cath Kidston tea set was a gift for her 1st birthday from friends…and she adores it.
Star cushion: Scandiborn

Hard wooden floors are not particularly comfortable for rolling about on, so the hunt for a gorgeous rug began.


Wayfair have always been on my radar and I made a beeline for them when I knew I needed a beautiful but inexpensive rug. I’d searched high and low for a Moroccan styled rug and everywhere I found something I liked the price made me wince. Until I found this one – I loved it immediately and it was much lower in cost than any others I’d seen.

Also, while I have you here, Wayfair have created a guide to decorating your home according to your horoscope, should you be that way inclined?! I’m not sure where I sit on the horoscope fence, but I did enjoy perusing the guide and seeing if it matched with me in any way… let me know what you think!

I moved her IKEA kitchen from the living room to her bedroom – it fits perfectly and acts very handily as a stand for nappy cream etc by the changing table!
I moved her shelves into the corner, which works really well as a place to sit her monitor camera too :)
Beanbag: Scandiborn
A music box, gifted to Izzy when she was born, from a lovely pal of mine

The other two big things on my Wayfair list were bookshelves and toy storage. The room itself is a challenge to design as every wall has a feature of some sort, either a door, a radiator, a window, a fireplace or a cupboard. And the wall where I wanted to put both these items has two doors opening into it – the room door and her wardrobe door. So I needed to find bookshelves that were very shallow in order that the door could still open.

These Cornerly Children’s Bookshelves from Wayfair are just 7cm deep – PERFECT! I bought some wooden letters and stuck them on myself – I love the finished result…

Wayfair has an extraordinary amount of storage options for playrooms, bedrooms and nurseries – I really was spoilt for choice. The toy box we chose is perfect and houses all manner of clunky, squidgy and noisy things and the bookshelves are just 7cm in depth and hold so so so many books! Which is brilliant as books are Isabelle’s favourite thing. Apart from raisins.

The top of the toy box is a great place to keep puzzles, books and other bits and bobs – it’s perfect Izzy height.
Rug: Wayfair
Chair: La Redoute
Cushion: Scandiborn
Fleece: Naturalmat
Dress: JoJo Maman
My grandpa’s – Izzy’s great-grandpa’s carriage clock sits on her mantlepiece
And my dad’s teddy from when he was a baby, sits on the top of the shelves,
keeping watch over our little sausage.
This rattle was mine when I was a tot – she loves playing with it while I change her.
I’ve used every inch of space for storage!

Thank you so much to Wayfair for helping me transform Isabelle’s nursery into the most gorgeous little space for us all to enjoy… but of course, she’s the one that counts. And she adores it.

Off we go again into a whole other world.

(When does she move into a bed? Cripes).

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

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