Poppy Loves Book Club heads to Hay for Bookstagram 2019, with Citroën

Citroen Poppy Loves Book Club

If you haven’t heard of Poppy Loves Book Club, where have you been?! I started the book club a few years ago and now has over 4000 members – we read one book a month and all come together online (on the last Wednesday of every month) to discuss it.. often with the author!

I now have an amazing team helping me at Poppy Loves Book Club, and they are all literary loving gorgeous gals who love love LOVE all things books! So when Citroën offered to loan us a car for a Bookstagram Roadtrip to Hay-on-Wye, we couldn’t refuse!

The girls collected the car from the heart of Notting Hill – easy to spot!
Morgan at the wheel and Annabel snapping half-selfies

If you aren’t already familiar with Hay, it’s a gorgeous magical, historical book town – full to the brim of all kinds of book shops. (And cake shops). (And ice cream shops). And is full of cobbled streets, little winding roads and secret hidden beautiful corners…

Once a year in Hay-on-Wye there is a big Instagram meet up for book lovers – #BookstagramHay. Literary lovers flock in and bookish events pop up in a myriad of venues all over the town. There are readings, workshops and author events in bookshops, cafes, B&Bs, parks and even boats… and Poppy Loves Book Club headed there last month to join in the fun and accepted the most glorious invitation from the fantastic B&B Radnor House, to stay with them for the duration.

Sadly I wasn’t able to go (Isabelle!) but I followed along on the Poppy Loves Book Club instagram stories and lived vicariously through Annabel, Morgan and Fran. Whom, it seemed, might never have come home, if it weren’t for the fact that we had to return the car…

A picture from the ConnectedCam!
TRACTOR! (Snapped on the ConnectedCam)
Arriving at Hay… (Snapped on the ConnectedCam)

Citroën had loaned us their spangly new Citroën C3, which has their very clever ConnectedCam integrated, so the girls were able to snap photos as they drove all the way from Notting Hill, London, to Hay-on-Wye… and you can see a few of these pics above. Citroën’s ConnectedCam is a HD camera fitted behind the rear view mirror of the car that enabled us to safely take pictures and videos of our journey. With a single click, we could take a photo or video and share it on social media or email it immediately. Very handy indeed.

The car itself was incredibly smart but also perfect for a girls roadtrip! Fancy pants keyless entry (twit twoo!) made the car feel extremely safe and secure… it was roomy and comfortable and with plenty of boot space to chuck in all the clobber (and there was some clobber!) belonging to these literary lasses. Whatsmore, you could certainly see them coming! They must have had the shiniest car on the road!

The girls could charge their phones on the road, play podcasts and their own music…the touchscreen meant that being DJ was fun and easy (love making playlists for road trips!) and the Sat Nav took the team to the door of their home for the weekend – Radnor House in Hay – and they arrived fresh as daisies thanks to their very relaxed journey.

Radnor House

Radnor House, run by wife and husband, Julia and David, is situated right in the heart of Hay-on-Wye. The house is a wonderfully restored Grade 2 listed building, and was once the Botanical Bookshop and an old Post Office… so its knee deep in Hay heritage, which we absolutely loved.

They have 3 individually styled rooms, all ensuite and all with a lovely feel to them. It was such a warm and cosy place to stay… and with the endless free (FREE!) cake everyday, the girls were in their element. The location of Radnor House is spectacular and if you are thinking of attending the Hay Festival, or just visiting this gorgeous historic town, they’d be a terrific place to stay as they also hold all kinds of creative, bookish and artisan events there…do book fast though as they get full very quickly.

Breakfast at Radnor House was a treat and everything served is sourced from their local butcher, greengrocer and baker.
Richard Booth's book shop
Richard Booth’s Book shop – the largest second hand book shop in the world…
Oodles of books!

Armed with the Bookstagram programme, the girls ducked in and out of venues all over Hay, catching bookish events left right and centre, including the launch party at Richard Booth’s Bookshop (the largest second hand book shop in the world!) and ‘Desert Island Picks’ with Dame Jacqueline Wilson… and if you want to see what songs she chose just head over to our stories!


Poppy Loves Book Club also held an event at Bookstagram – ‘The Power of the Book Club’, which was a discussion held at Radnor House over tea and homemade cakes. We talked about why book clubs were so important, how they affect people and their position and importance within a community. The team held a fantastic discussion and everyone loved it…

We loved attending Bookstagram Hay – thank you so much to Citroën for getting us there, and to Radnor House for hosting us!

Now, roll on Hay Festival! We just can’t wait…

See all our Bookstagram insta stories here.

See the Citroën C3 here

Radnor House
Church Street
Hereford, HR3 5DQ

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