A Chelsea Flower Show themed afternoon tea
at Brown’s with Ormonde Jayne


Can you believe that it’s over a year since Izzy was born? Can you can you can you? I can’t. I mean, of course I can. But I can’t. It makes no sense. I feel as though I have morphed into so many different versions of myself over the past year, that I didn’t know which side was up sometimes… and the version of me that couldn’t imagine ever sleeping again seems a million miles away from the version of me now, which is much like the version of me BI (Before Isabelle)…just more tired. And with a weaker back. And wrists. And knees. And will power, when it comes to chocolate.

I recognise myself again. Properly. I have time to shave my legs again. And I have two eyebrows again. Somewhere between May 4th 2018 and now, I lost my mind, found it, realised I hadn’t found it and wondered if I ever had a mind at all… and then all of a sudden, she’s sleeping and she’s eating and she’s laughing and pulling faces and splashing about in a paddling pool and I could HIGH FIVE EVERYONE IN THE STREET. But I don’t because they’ll think I’ve lost my mind again. But I haven’t. I have my mind. Intact,

Last week, we took the gigantic step as a family to welcome a childminder into our the fold for one day a week. ONE WHOLE DAY. And Izzy loves her. And so I love her. And you should love her. She’s like a Fairy Godmother and she has no clue what a huge deal she is in our lives and I am certain she has a magic wand secreted about her person because Izzy sleeps in the buggy when she’s with her. I repeat. Izzy sleeps in the buggy. #magic

Poppy Loves
I’m out! I’m out! I’m out!
The stunning entrance hall at Brown’s Hotel
The gorgeous oak panelled room where we had tea. Just beautiful and a secret slice of London…
Beautiful floral installations bedecked the piano and the whole hotel…

Last week was the first time I left Isabelle with the FG (Fairy Godmother) and as much as I could have just laid down on the sofa, eaten B (biscuits) and S (slept)… I didn’t. I decided to celebrate this extraordinary milestone and accepted an invitation to try a very special afternoon tea, celebrating the Chelsea Flower Show at Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair. Lucky, lucky me.

Ormonde Jayne for Brown's Hotel
‘Brown’s Bespoke Blend’ by Ormonde Jayne
Brown’s Bespoke Blend by Ormonde Jayne’s London studio and celebrates spring, summer fruits, berries, tea notes, bluebells and hyacinth.  

Each tea stand features a beautiful complimentary bottle of bespoke Ormonde Jayne perfume, called Brown’s Bespoke Blend, which we could take home… as if we weren’t feeling spoilt enough already…

Skirt | Sandals
Guests can also enjoy a glass of champagne or a non-alcoholic ‘Lavender Me’ cocktail containing fresh lavender sugar, garnished with an edible flower surrounded by petit posies designed by in-house florist, Ellie Hartley Flowers.

I took with me my lovely chum Isla, who was as mesmerised as me by the stunning hotel and its incredibly rich and sparkling history. Brown’s is London’s first hotel and opened its doors in 1837. Over the years it has welcomed royalty and writers, Pulitzer Prize and Oscar winners, musicians and scientists, explorers and politicians… and it has also played a part in history on a global scale, including being the site of the first telephone call in London made by its inventor, Alexander Graham Bell! Mark Twain famously visited in 1907 and Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book from his room where he stayed – now called The Kipling Suite. Through it all Brown’s and its staff remained discrete, protecting the privacy of its guests, with some details of its history only recently coming to light…

The most incredible selection of sandwiches…
Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil (onions bread) | Burford Brown Egg Mayonnaise and Mustard Watercress (white bread) | Coronation Chicken (malt bread)
Aberdeenshire smoked salmon, pickled shallots, potato bun
Slat beef, horseradish mayonnaise & gherkin on a mini bagel
Hummus, beetroot and goat’s cheese on a potato bun

The fact I love the most is that Brown’s was Queen Victoria’s
favourite place to take afternoon tea. She would settle for nothing less than afternoon tea at this glorious hotel after a shopping excursion in the Royal Arcade next door… and I bet even her socks (I know she didn’t wear socks) would have been knocked clean off by this stunning Chelsea Flower Show inspired tea, with all the pastries created by the hotel’s Executive Head Pastry Chef, Reece Collier.

Isla and I dribbling over the afternoon tea menu…
The tea menu is extraordinary and extensive… there were so many different teas we could have chosen and after pursuing I chose to start with Earl Grey and then moved to a jasmine tea later… and Isla picked her favourite – Lapsang – and then tried Oolong… you can have as many different teas as you like during the afternoon tea.

Everything about this afternoon tea is beautiful. It’s luxurious, without being ostentatious. I could have stayed here for hours, just chatting and giggling with Isla about life and all that it brings… and we were so well looked after. Such a treat…

We do love our headbands ;)

And then came the scones and pastries, and they really were exquisite. It was one of the most beautiful tea stands I’ve ever seen… and not only beautiful, it was exceptionally pretty and full of floral delights…

Cherry, pistachio and chocolate tart
Matcha, mango, passionfruit & jasmine slice | Violet, blackcurrant and white chocolate macaron
Banana, lapland, milk chocolate & peanut bar
Raspberry, rose & lychee choux
No tea would be complete without freshly baked scones, homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream… heaven.

This afternoon tea was so very special and was the perfect way to begin my new life, with one full day every week that’s mine. Just for me…

Thank you so much to Brown’s Hotel for inviting me, to Isla, for keeping me company and to all of you, for coming with me on this journey this past year and for supporting me all the way.

Here’s to the next chapter…

Brown’s Hotel
Albemarle Street, 
London, W1S 4BP

We were guests of Brown’s Hotel and all thoughts & opinions are my own

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at Brown’s with Ormonde Jayne

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