Milk & cookies
(all the way from Mars)

Mars cookies

I went through a phase some years back in my teens, where I couldn’t walk past a vending machine at a train station without buying a Bounty for the journey.

I have no idea how I didn’t turn into a Bounty, I loved them so much… and I still feel the pull, whenever I see them in the shops…

Sometimes though (always if I’m honest) I don’t need a whole chocolate bar and I’m now more drawn to the cookie aisle… I’m a sucker for biscuits and cookies, and when combined with a cold glass of milk for dunking… well, I’m a gonner.

Mars cookies

Mars cookies

Mars cookies

Mars cookies


Mars Cookies

BOUNTY Soft Baked Cookies are packed full of flakes of coconut and chocolate chunks, delivering that unmistakable taste of Bounty I know and love… so exotic! Take me to that coconut island!

Mars cookies

If you like more of a crunchy biscuit, GALAXY Chocolate Chunk Cookies with real GALAXY pieces are ideal for dunking and munching…

Mars cookies

And last but definitely not least, M&M’s Double Chocolate Cookies are delicious chocolatey biscuits, with real chocolate M&M’s for crunch and colour.

So you can imagine my unadulterated delight when Mars got in touch and asked if I’d like to try their new range of biscuits and cookies! TOTAL AND UTTER HAPPINESS.

Their new range of cookies has been launched to provide the perfect treat for that time of day when you stop everything and take a bit of time to indulge… and this I did with my clever helper, Tammy – the cleverest 13 year old I know. (She knows more than me). (She actually does).

Whether you’re a fan of soft baked, chunky or super chocolatey flavours there’s something for dunkers, dippers and crunchers – all bases covered. Clever Mars.

Mars cookies

Dunking pros

Mars cookies

We filled glasses with ice cold milk, took our cookies outside into the garden and had an Autumnal cookie picnic, complete with dunking, slurping and much dribbling.

Mars cookies

Mars cookies

I caught you, Tammy!

Mars cookies

Our milk and cookie picnic was a roaring success and I heartily recommend this concept to all of you cookie loving folk.

Dunking is my new middle name.

It’s Tammy’s too, I just have’t told her yet.


You’ll be pleased to know that all the cookies are available now from Tesco at the RRP of £1.99. (The GALAXY Chocolate Chunk Cookies and BOUNTY Soft Baked Cookies are also available at Sainsbury’s at the same price)



This post is sponsored by Mars and all thoughts & opinions are my own


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(all the way from Mars)

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