Difference Makes us

Etsy Difference Makes Us

The things I surround myself with at home have a direct affect on my state of mind, my mood and my happiness.

I’ve always known it. Ever since primary school, when Claudine Harris had a pink sparkly pencil and a rubber that smelled of strawberries and I wished they were both mine more than I wished Mrs Nye (scary teacher) would be eaten by some sort of fire breathing, North London dwelling dragon.

I knew that the sparkly pencil would make my life more enjoyable, even though my ordinary pencil did the very same job. (Before you start feeling sad for me that I was deprived and had cruel parents who never bought me sparkly pencils, please don’t. I had the COOLEST parents in the world and the only reason I didn’t have a sparkly pencil is because I knew that if I’d asked for one, dad would have come home with glue, pots of glitter and excitedly shown me how to make them myself so that they were even better than the ones in Woolworths… and quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered).

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Silver Plated Vintage 1950s Dessert Forks, from The Afternoon Tea Set

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Anyway, the point is that I think it’s the little things around us that we choose, these seemingly unimportant decisions, that make us who we are. And I find myself bringing items from a time gone by into my everyday life… because that is who I am. I am a nostalgic, romantic, who secretly wishes she had been born in the 1930s (without the whole war bit) and loves the big stories behind the tiniest things.

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Etsy Difference Makes Us

1930s Boxed Set of Vintage Tea Knives, from The Afternoon Tea Set

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Etsy Difference Makes Us

These plates, cake forks and butter knives are all from Etsy, and they all bring me more joy than you can possibly imagine. They speak to my soul and I knew as soon as I saw them, that they would add a little more happiness and magic to my every day.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Etsy is a global community full of creative entrepreneurs who use the online platform to sell what they make or curate. Shoppers find things they can’t find anywhere else, manufacturers who partner with Etsy sellers help them grow, and the amazing Etsy employees maintain and nurture the marketplace and keep those clever cogs turning. I love it.

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Etsy Difference Makes Us

This banana bread is from my local Eat 17 Spar in Walthamstow Village – completely addictive!

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Of course, we are all pulled towards different things – what may speak to me, may not resonate at all with someone else, (unless we’re talking about my Robert Welch cutlery, in which case I suspect they’d resonate with everyone) and this is what makes these items special. Their magic only works when there’s true love involved. These butter knives are to me what the glass slipper was to Cinderella. And that is precisely why it didn’t fit on the feet of her ugly sisters. (I LOVE THIS ANALOGY).

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Paragon vintage 1957-1960 tea plate set, from Maddie Vintage Hostess

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Etsy Difference Makes Us

Etsy Difference Makes Us

The whole concept of what I’m describing is something very close to Etsy’s heart – they understand that it is these differences that make us unique and completely get the whole emotional attachment to objects and naming of your chair, your mug or your plant. (Just me?)

To celebrate this notion, Etsy is opening its first ever Everyday Emporium – a 4-day pop-up (2nd – 5th November) which will showcase 100 unique designs of a single item each day.

The pop-up will showcase over 400 items from designers across the UK in four of Etsy’s most popular product categories: Pet Beds, Clocks, Mugs and Cushions.

The best bit of all, is that you don’t need any money to buy that item you fall in love with… instead, the only accepted currency is Instagram! So when you find the item you love, share a picture of it on instagram from the pop-up and use the hashtag  #DifferenceMakesUs. This will secure the item for you and as there’s only ONE of each item, you’d better be quick – it’s first come first served!

I should also mention that you are only allowed to buy ONE ITEM from the Everyday Emporium, so make your choice wisely…but QUICK ;)

The Schedule

Wednesday 2 November: Pet Beds
Thursday 3 November: Clocks
Friday 4 November: Mug
Saturday 5 November: Cushions


Etsy Everyday Emporium

Gallery Different, 14 Percy St, London W1T 1DR
Wednesday 2 November – Saturday 5 November 2016
12-7.30pm Wednesday to Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday
Free entry

I will be there, phone in hand, ready to photograph that one thing that sings to me, that calls my name and that I know, will be the perfect Poppy fit.

See you there?


This post was shot on my LEICA D-LUX – dinky but dynamic ;)



This post was sponsored by Etsy and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. That buying with Instagram thing is such a cool concept! My mum’s coming to visit me in London next weekend, I wonder if she would like to go… Because this sounds seriously tempting! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

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