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Birchbox Skinny Dip

I always wanted to be in a gang when I was little. Mostly because I’d get to sit in a treehouse, eat chocolate, solve mysteries and wear a badge.

It never quite happened like that, but when Birchbox told me recently that I (and you, if you’re a subscriber) was in their ‘squad’, I did a mini fist pump. On my own. To myself.

But I of course have my own super squad, who’ve been completely wonderful during this recovery period – my family and friends have been overwhelmingly amazing… and of course, if I could knight LM with the title of Superhero, I would.

Birchbox Skinny Dip London

Birchbox Skinny Dip London

Birchbox Skinny Dip London

This month’s Birchbox has been  designed by Skinnydip London and if I ever needed a bit of pampering in my life, it’s now. Recovering from an op is so much nicer with lovely beauty treats to smother myself in from top to toe… (and I can reach my toes again, like the rest of my pals, so that is one squad goal nailed).

Here is my November Birchbox unpacked, and if you can’t see the picture links to where you can buy the products yourself, then you might need to check your ad blockers ;)

Birchbox Skinny Dip London

Living Proof Restore Instant Repair Cream

Living Proof Restore Instant Repair Cream – the lightweight formula helps to seal split ends and strengthen tresses for soft, shiny hair (even if your last trim was months ago!)

Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream

Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream – this hand lotion is packed with rejuvenating essential oils – grapefruit to uplift and coriander to soothe – my skin felt incredibly soft and more tones after using. A new firm favourite.



Lord & Berry Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner

Lord & Berry Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner – smudged lips and wobbly lines are a thing of the past! Because it’s completely neutral and translucent, you can use it with any shade of lips you like :)

Lord & Berry Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner


Res Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial

Ren Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial – this wonder formula is beauty sleep in action! It actually triggers cell renewal while you sleep, meaning you look refreshed and radiant when you wake up! Brilliant.

Birchbox Skinny DIp London

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm – this nourishing blend of mango butter, rosehip and coconut oils removes even the most stubborn waterproof make-up!

Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

English Laundry: Notting Hill Femme Eau de Parfum

English Laundry: Notting Hill Femme Eau de Parfum – this is a gorgeous fragrance packed with scents of vanilla, mandarin, wood and cassis…yummy.

The Birchbox beauty subscription boxes are such amazing gifts and perfect for Christmas – you can choose either a 3 month subscription, 6 months or 12 – find out more here.

A monthly Birchbox will arrive, packed with mini beauty treats, and if you or they fall in love with any products in particular, then they can be bought in their full sizes in the Birchbox shop. 

Also, if you upgrade your Birchbox, you can also receive the below Skinnydip London iPhone case, which is super sweet and shimmers like happy shimmery thing.

Skinnydip London iPhone case

PERKS! If you do buy a Birchbox subscription, enter the following discount codes to get some money off in the Birchbox shop…

3 month subscription: Code VIP3 gives you £5
6 month subscription: Code VIP6 gives you £10
12 month subscription: Code VIP12 gives you £20

When it comes to my pals, one of our squad goals (which has been on the list for a while) is to take better care of our skin… so with this month’s Birchbox in my possession, I’d say that I’m taking great strides to achieve this one.

Other goals include eat less cake.

Which is proving harder.

(And is a goal which I find, quite frankly, completely ridiculous)

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