Pleased to meet you, Kensington
– Chapter 1 –

Kensington Flower Corner

Kensington is one of those places that feels magical as soon as your feet touch the pavement…

There is sparkle in the air, with its grand tree-lined thoroughfare, the sweet cobbled mews, the sensational shopping and wonderful cafes and restaurants… and of course it is also where Peter Pan resides so happily in Kensington Gardens…

I often find myself in the area, meeting friends or mooching in the shops, so I was thrilled to discover that Banana Republic (one of my absolute favourite clothing brands) are opening a new store in Kensington (I whooped!) It was this piece of news that spurred me on to dig a little deeper and find out what some of the more local folk think of their special London village, and if they love it as much as I do…

Kensington Flower Corner

Kensington Flower Corner

Kensington Flower Corner Kensington Flower Corner

Kensington Flower Corner

Many of you will know Kensington Flower Corner – the gorgeous flower stall by St Mary Abbots Church… but what you may not know is that the lovely girl you can see there, creating all those magnificent bouquets is 5th generation in her family to run that very stall, since the 1870’s…

Kensington Flower Corner

The flower stall is situated by the beautiful St Mary Abbots Church

St Mary Abbots Church

Kensington Flower Corner

Hope’s Dad, ‘Sun Ray’

Kensington Flower Corner

And carrying the baton now, in the very same pose… a nod to how proud she is of her dad

Hope Washbourne’s great grandfather Jimmy originally ran this flower stall, then after him his son Ray, then his son’s son, Ray – or ‘Sun Ray’ as the customers fondly know him…. and now Hope. A girl! And she’s doing a sterling job.

Kensington Flower Corner

Kensington Flower Corner

Kensington Flower Corner

Kensington Flower Corner

Hope has been hanging about on this stall and helping out since she was 4 years old! She used to have a weeny till up front and would chat away to all the Kensington passers by…

Now Hope remembers those days fondly and says that being in Kensington is like watching a film everyday – the place is so community spirited, so friendly…

She adores being in Kensington, and it seems as though Kensington is pleased as punch to have her as part of the fabric of the community as well… Especially when she hands out her snapped-off-by-accident-but-still-look-gorgeous flowers to children passing by…

Kensington Flower Corner

Guess where her flowers are from…? ;)

Kensington Flower Corner

The scene outside Kensington Palace after Diana’s tragic death

Kensington Flower Corner has many very loyal local customers, as well as some royal famous faces… and when it came to buying flowers on the day of Diana’s funeral, it seemed as though the whole of Kensington stopped by the stall to choose their blooms for this terribly sad and important occasion.

Hope loves feeling as though she’s part of something very special – “the community of Kensington is so diverse and you see every kind of character here!”

Kensington Flower Corner

The gorgeous Hope Washbourne

And just as she loves being there, the locals are so very proud of their Kensington Flower Corner – everyone knows where it is and has a story to tell about when it was they bought their beautiful flowers from the very special spot under the gentle, watchful eye of St Mary Abbots Church…

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Kensington Flower Corner
80A Kensington High St, London W8 4SG

//Written in collaboration with Banana Republic :: Store opening on High Street Kensington 12th November 2015



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– Chapter 1 –

  1. This brought a smile to my face this morning! I love flowers and these bouquets are beautiful! If only I lived closer..

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