London in Autumn

Oh London, oh London
I can’t believe my luck
For again, this hazy golden Autumn
Brings crunching leaves and blackberries
And butternutty soups in steaming mugs
And softest mittens
I’m a smitten kitten…

Custard on pie and chutneys on rye
Jams in pans and berries blue
And black and red and currants plump
Butter dripping on crumpets for tea
Cinnamon buns at Nordic Bakery

Golden skies lay hazy lazy
Pumpkins twinkling and feeling like I’m four again
Conquering conkers shiny smily
Collecting leaves and more again
London buses duck under leaves
Gold and red and mustard trees

Stews and spice and cashmere tights
And piles of logs in London pubs
With chocolatey ales and fires to snuggle by
Cosy up to, have a fling by…
Black taxis home and pavements glint
A harvest moon of peppermint

Tatties and sparklers, hot cider in jars
Battersea Park glints under the stars
Toasting marshmallows as fireworks bang
Rhubarb crumbles, mouth’s full, mumbles

Smoke rises up above my city
Fairly sweet and fairly pretty..
Mary Poppins on Sunday telly
Hampstead walks in socks and wellies

Clocks back, mulchy, muddy tracks
Roast beef hot with all the trimmings
Autumn, you amaze me
And London’s winning

I don’t believe this poem is technically correct. I was never very good at following rules in creative writing at school… but this is how I feel and I hope it translates.

I love my city and Autumn makes me fizzle in my fingertips.

Have a gorgeous Monday wherever you are in the world.

With love from London,

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7 thoughts on “London in Autumn

  1. No matter if the Poem is technically correct or not – writing is art so you don’t have to follow any rules.

    Thanks to you I really want to see London in autumn by myself, not just by some photos. My home town is also beautiful in autumn and I really like it, but in my mind London is so much cozier in autumn then Aachen (that’s where I live). I can’t explain why. Strange, isn’t it?
    Every time I feel down I think of the short trip to London last July.

    Sunny greatings from Germany!

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