Take five with The Biscuiteers
and Royal Albert

Biscuiteers and Royal Albert

Pretty biscuits + pretty crockery = happy Poppy

When the prettiest biscuits get matched with the prettiest crockery, you know you are in for a very pretty tea party…

In the run up to the chaos of London Fashion Week, the gorgeous Biscuiteers and Royal Albert crockery invited me to sit back, relax and enjoy a pot of my favourite brew (Earl Grey all the way) while dining out on some heavenly fashionista biscuits, designed in collaboration with Alice Naylor-Leyland

And if you don’t believe me that these are the PRETTIEST biscuits and crockery you’ll ever see, then lookie lookie lookie at the pictures below. And if you disagree with me, then I’ll eat my hat. And all the biscuits. So there.

(May have done that already…)

Biscuiteers fashion biscuits

The Top and That Lipstick

Biscuiteers fashion biscuits

Love these ballet pumps!

Biscuiteers fashion biscuits

The dress

Biscuiteers fashion biscuits

The Trench

Biscuiteers fashion biscuits

The jeans

Royal Albert and Biscuiteers

Biscuiteers fashion biscuits

The Pumps

Biscuiteers fashion biscuits

The Skirt

Royal Albert Crockery

It felt almost sacrilegious biting into these exquisite biscuits… but I managed it.

They were delicious, the tea was heavenly, the crockery is putting my cupboards to shame and I am ready for LFW!

Are you?

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and Royal Albert

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