Driving Miss Betsy

Betsy Fiat 500

You may have noticed on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram that I am rather in love with my car.

And when I say love, I mean TRUE LOVE. Betsy (yes, that is her name) has become very much a part of my family and every time I jump in her to pootle down to the shops or go further afield, I get a surge of happiness.

I chat to Betsy (she doesn’t chat back, don’t be ridiculous) and sing at the top of my voice, knowing she won’t make fun of me.

Fiat 500

I love Betsy

She is very much a part of my London life and so of course I named her. I’ve always named things. I named my guitar when I was younger (George) my plant (Humphrey) and anything else that I felt or feel an affinity to.

And as soon as I name these seemingly inanimate objects, they immediately take on a personality… and in my nostalgic, Postman Pat little world, this is completely magical.

Fiat 500 Betsy

Betsy having a scrub.

Oh, and it turns out I’m not the only one. I spoke about this little habit of mine on social media and the car names suddenly came flooding in! There was Benjamin, Luigi, Lollipop, Dot, Poppy (excellent name) Egg, Johnny Angel… See below from my Facebook page:

Fiat 500


Betsy Fiat 500

Do you name your car?

Do you, do you?

Oh go on. Tell me.

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15 thoughts on “Driving Miss Betsy

  1. LOVEE this post!! I have a Fiat 500 too – her name is Fifi! I love her so much, and I have had her for 6 years now. Sadly I am moving somewhere which is going to mean a lot more motorway driving so I have decided to sell her. I am SO gutted, it will break my heart. That’s the downside of naming them and becoming so attached, I really feel like I am hurting her feelings! They are the best car though, I will be so sad to see Fifi go!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  2. Sooo Cute!!! I love this car and the naming her it’s simply brilliant! Send her my love… from an Italian girl to an Italian car ;)

  3. I feel as if I’m neglecting my poor car now! Mind you, it’s a bit of a beast. What do you name a bog standard saloon exactly? Harold? Perhaps a (completely legitimate) excuse to buy a new one?!

    1. I have never heard a more legitimate reason (not excuse) to trade in ;) Although, I must admit that I am rather warming to Harold. And now all I can hear is the Neighbours theme tune…

  4. My dream car!!! She is so beautifuuuul. I don’t have a car yet but when I’ll have my own Fiat 500, of course I will give her a name! I just have to find the best possible name. And to decide on the color.

    And to have money.

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