Simple Scandi Style

COTTON USA Christy Towels

I do love the simplicity of Scandi styling and I love even more that I can bring a piece of this style into the haven that is my bathroom. I can shut myself away, laze in a long bath… listen to The Archers (This obsession started in Costa Rica – I’d downloaded the omnibus to listen to on the plane and now I’m hooked. But who is this Richard bloke that’s just turned up?) and then coddle myself in some of the softest and fluffiest towels you’ll ever behold.

In fact, if it was a crime to be soft and fluffy – this lot would have been banged up for life. Along with all the cute kittens in the world. Oh.

White Towels White towels stacked


Q Tips in a jar

I’m a big fan of oversized glass jars in my bathroom…

Makeup on bathroom shelf

Christy Label

Two towels

My towels are from Christy and really, really are the softest towels I’ve ever had. They’re like hotel towels. But better. Because I’m at home and I can wrap myself up in them, drink hot chocolate and watch Mad Men from the comfort of my own sofa.

And I know what the magic ingredient is – COTTON USA.  All the towels carry the COTTON USA International trademark for quality U.S cotton-rich products.. which essentially means that you will feel like you are wearing fluffy clouds in a magical kingdom of fluffiness. That, I believe, is the technical definition.

Bath mat

The softest bath mat EVER. Ever ever ever.

White towel Navy Towel

The upshot of this discovery is that I spend most of my time in the bathroom… (which already had become a bit of a problem because of this). Or lounging about the flat in a kind of Lady of The Manor way, enveloped in my gorgeous towel and sipping champagne. (It’s tea, but whatever.)

Now, if only I could find someone to peel me some grapes….


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