ASUS ME176 MemoPad
(It won’t break the bank)

ASUS ME176 MeMoPad

I am an Apple girl through and through.. not because they are necessarily the best, but because I am a creature of habit when it comes to technology. I remember when my beloved Nokia 3210 came to the end of its life – I had a mild moment of panic. How ever would I learn a new system?! (Loved that Nokia.)

But learn a new system, I did. Apple courted me and made me feel special. So I have been a loyal user ever since – ibooks, MacBooks, iPhones and iPads – I’ve had them all.. but I’ll tell you what; They are not cheapy chops, them Apples, and they’ve cost me a bomb over the years.

If you’re after a snazzy tablet for yourself or a dear one this Chrimbo, you may well be very interested in what I have to say about the very (VERY) reasonably priced Asus ME176, which I have been playing around with for a good couple of months now…

ASUS ME176 MeMo Pad ASUS ME176 MeMo Pad

ASUS ME176 MeMo Pad

Super thin and extremely light

ASUS ME176 MeMoPad I’d like to begin by telling you that this stylish little number retails at around £99. If you have done any tablet research yourself, you’ll know that this is far cheaper than most other tablets on the market. So, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that this one must not be as good as the others… Think again, Batman.

It’s not that it’s not as good – they just serve different purposes. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive option that does all the tablet basics very, very well, then this is your guy.

ASUS ME176 MeMo Pad ASUS ME176 MeMo Pad ASUS ME176 MeMo Pad

This sleek tablet is incredibly light (295g), loads at the speed of Superman, (something to do with its super speedy Intel Quad-Core processor) lasts for a long while without you needing to recharge (9 hour battery life) and has anti-fingerprint coating (genius!) which I love.

It has a front and rear camera, (although I found that the camera on my iPhone 5C takes better pics – you may find otherwise) a bright backlit LED screen, connects all your favourite Google products (maps, email, YouTube etc) and comes in a few different gorgeous glossy colours – red, yellow, black, white or blue.

ASUS ME176 MeMoPad

ASUS ME176 MeMoPad

The tablet was really easy to set up, super simple to navigate and reading my favourite blogs, recipes and articles on it was an absolute pleasure. It feels very discreet to carry around and I never felt like it was too cumbersome to take around town with me.

Like I said before, you can’t compare this tablet to the much more expensive ones, but if you’re looking for a stylish little number, that’s completely reliable and does all the tablet essentials excellently… then I’d say BOOM. Found it.

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Asus sent me this tablet to review. And if I hadn’t loved it, I wouldn’t have written about it.

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(It won’t break the bank)

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