– Le Chalet –
An Alpine Hideaway
on the roof at Selfridges


I love Christmas. I know you know this. But, I also love Winter. I love the bite and chill of it.. but mostly, I love the way we can hide away from the cold in cosy haunts, drink hot toddies, read books, see chums, wrap ourselves up in soft blankets and enjoy basking in that lovely warm glow… of either candlelight, or the power of dimmer switches, which are now completely non-negotiable for me when it comes to light fittings…

Last week, Christmas began properly for me, as Selfridges had invited me and a few other bloggers, to their newly designed rooftop restaurant – Le Chalet – to take a peek at their new Christmas hampers.

Le Chalet, which opened in October, is a cosy, twinkly hideaway, oozing class and festivity.. This sanctuary, (which serves heavenly hot choctails!) is nestled on the roof of Selfridges on bustling Oxford Street…

You can only reach Le Chalet via a private elevator which zooms straight up to the 5th floor. This is the original elevator installed by Mr Selfridge himself, and was apparently used to surreptitiously whisk his wife (or later, one of his other many liaisons, like the Dolly Sisters!) up, directly to his office…

You have until the end of December to experience it, and I really think you should. I really, really do…


The entrance to Le Chalet…


Piles of logs and vintage skis welcome you…

Selfridges-Hampers-13 Selfridges-Hampers-13

Selfridges-Hampers-13 Selfridges-Hampers-13

Designed by Alexander Waterworth Interiors, their signature attention to detailing was everywhere…

Selfridges-Hampers-7 Selfridges-Hampers-7 Selfridges-Hampers-7

Before we took a look at the hampers, a delicious breakfast was served… you can see the full menu here..


Toasted waffles with caramelised bananas and fresh orange juice…


Smashed avocado on toast…

Delicious latte at Le Chalet, Selfridges

Perfect, smooth latte…

And then it was time to delve into the new Selfridges Christmas hampers. Their hampers range from £65 all the way to £5000. Yes, you read that correctly – and the £5000 hamper is full of every Selfridges food hall treat you can imagine! Think coffees, teas, hot chocolates, wines, oils, vinegars. Champagne, mustards, delicious chocolates, cheeses and chutneys… the list is endless…

Selfridges-Hampers-6 Selfridges-Hampers-6


You didn’t have to tell us twice – we jumped at the chance to try some of the Christmas goodies… and they were utterly delicious.

Chocolate biscuits in the Selfridges hampers

Salted caramel chocolate biscuits… I know a couple of folk who would fight for these. Like, really fight. With their fists.

Panettone in Selfridges Christmas hampers

Their most decadent panettone is made by the Filippi family in the province of Vicenza, Italy.

Selfridges-Hampers-15 Selfridges-Hampers-15

I can’t wait to go back to Le Chalet for breakfast, afternoon tea or supper – and if you’d like to visit it yourself, then whip out your diary and book yourself a table over here.

Do let me know if you go, I’d love to hear about it and ore more importantly, what you ATE.

Arghghgh Christmas! Can’t wait! (Is it really only mid November?!)




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10 thoughts on “– Le Chalet –
An Alpine Hideaway
on the roof at Selfridges

  1. Oh wow! What a lovely event :) I’m seriously considering getting my parents a hamper for Christmas this year, I’ll have to take a look!
    I’ll join you with the love for winter. I have a penchant for winter mountaineering, it’s just so much more fun than summer! There’s nothing like an icey/snowy day followed by a hot chocolate when you get in to warm up :)

  2. Oooohh!! (–> me with my nose pressed on the monitor as if I was a child looking at a cake at the other side of a shop-window)
    Grrrrr why must I stay at work when all I’d like to do is to catch a Ryanair flight directly landing on Selfridges’ roof, where BY CHANCE there is such a cozy, warm restaurant (sigh sigh)!?

  3. I have not been to Selfridges in quite some time, but your post really wants me to go again. Unfortunately London gets so busy on weekends!

    Have a lovely day


  4. How funny you wrote this only yesterday (or the day before yesterday) as I was reading it at just the same time I was writing my post on Le Chalet – Blog serendipity or what? I love Le Chalet and it was great fun zooming up in your own lift !! Plus all those fairy lights … heavenly – it was beautiful in the evening and looked complete different.

    Here’s my post link :: http://www.seethesparkle.com/2014/11/12/selfridges-yellow-preffered-kind-yellow/

    Merry pre-christmas I say !

    india xx

    1. What a lovely post! And thank you so much for the link back to mine. It is gorgeous – I suspect I may be there several more times over the next few weeks ;) xx

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