Lunch in Palma with Thomson
Airways, on their 787 Dreamliner…
(Coz that’s how I roll)

787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 7

Last week I went to Palma, Majorca for lunch. I’ve so enjoyed saying that – it seems so ridiculous… but it wasn’t. It was actually rather special…

787 Dreamliner - Thomson Airways

787 Dreamliner

Thomson Airways had invited me on a day trip to Palma on their new 787 Dreamliner. I turned up at Gatwick at 7:30am in the pouring rain, a little bleary eyed, very cold, but very excited. I and some other bloggers and members of the press were greeted by the ever-so-lovely Thomson team and were whisked through the airport like super stars.

We were on the plane before we knew it, stretching out in Premium Economy, sipping champagne (or fresh orange juice for me – I was still half asleep) and listening to some talks given by various directors of the company, including Managing Director of Thomson Airways, Captain John Murphy, who, incidentally, also flew us to Palma. #Multitasking

Captain and MD, John Murphy in the cockpit of the Thomson Airways 787 Dreamliner

Captain and MD of Thomson Airways, John Murphy in the cockpit of the Thomson Airways 787 Dreamliner – we were allowed in the cockpit!

I’m not someone that usually gets excited about planes, but this plane WAS special. There’s no two ways about it – it was one of the most comfortable flights I’ve ever been on, and there are many reasons for this; The Dreamliner cabin, even at its lowest point, is over 6ft high, so you have a real sense of space. Also, there’s more leg room in economy than many other airlines (take note, LM), bigger windows, it’s quieter than other planes, there’s mood lighting to stay in tune with your body clock and there is MORE OXYGEN. (I know – sounds terrifying that other airlines might not have enough, but that’s not the case – they just have more on the Dreamliner, so you feel even fresher when you leave the plane.)


Disco plane #futureflying #Dreamliner #thomsonairways

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The above light display is called the ‘Tui Wave’… sorry for the bumps – I managed to capture it during the only bit of turbulence! The flight was so smooth and easy, and I actually said out loud to Alison, “Are we in the air? I didn’t realise!” True story*. (*I should mention that everything in my blog is true. Apart from the time when I said I ate two whole packets of Jaffa Cakes. That wasn’t true.) (It was totally true.)

Breakfast on the 787 Dreamliner to Palma

Our delicious brekky on board the plane

Breakfast on the 787 Dreamliner to Palma The talks were really interesting and we listened as the team explained, with huge enthusiasm and genuine passion, how Thomson are changing the way we travel when we go on holiday, and how they believe that the holiday experience should begin the moment you set foot on the plane.

They have enormously exciting plans for expanding their fleet, adding more long haul destinations, (including the only direct flight from Europe to Costa Rica) and have come up with some lovely new concepts for couples, (couple pod seating) family travel, (family zoned seating, kid’s club trained flight attendants) and they also have plans to include a beach bar (minus Tom Cruise) for premium economy passengers.

Family Booth copy

Coming soon: Family Booth – new seating arrangements for families

Also, with all of their staff fully iPad-enabled, they are ready to help you with whatever you need while on board the flight, e.g. restaurant suggestions for dinner when you arrive at your destination, or day trip ideas, so you can start planning your holiday on the plane…

And then, we had landed in Palma. Blazing blue skies and 26 degree sunshine. Just in time for lunch.

787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 6

The gorgeous Alison and Katie snapping a selfie ;)

We boarded a Thomson wifi bus, which drove us through the pretty streets of Palma, to the restaurant Ca’n Eduardo, where we devoured a delicious lunch and enjoyed stunning views of the harbour…

787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 8

This happened.

The marina in Palma

The marina in Palma

We then had a little bit of time to wander the streets before heading home, so the lovely Xanthe and I headed off for a stroll and took some snaps while we were at it…

787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 15

787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 15

Leaves in the fountain…

787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 15 787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 15

787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 15

I love shots of laundry – there’s something so normal, yet intimate about them…

787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 15 787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 15

Xanthe doing what she does best...

Xanthe doing what she does best…

787-Dreamliner-Palma-Thomason-Airways 22

Then it was back to The Dreamliner and we were homeward bound.

The flight was so relaxing and as premium economy fliers, we we treated to snuggly quilts, warm cookies and smooth hot chocolates with marshmallows and cream….

I had the most glorious day – I think we all did and were chattering about it still on the train from Gatwick to Kings Cross… Thomson really know what they’re doing when it comes to holiday travel – I haven’t felt so looked after on a flight for a very long time.

With their years of experience and expertise, I would say that their aim to be THE holiday airline, is a goal that can be easily reached.

If they haven’t done so already.


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12 thoughts on “Lunch in Palma with Thomson
Airways, on their 787 Dreamliner…
(Coz that’s how I roll)

  1. Just wow! Absolute wow! I love flying and I’m super jealous of you getting the whole tour of the plane :) Looks like a wonderful day :)

  2. Gorgeous photos lovely. It’s mad how much we packed into one day. I would really love to meet up for coffee- lets do it soon! In fact I may be in town next Thursday with Alison so perhaps then?x

  3. So great to see your photos of you lunch in Palma !! It’s great to photograph isn’t it?

    I was getting all excited when I saw your instagram of you jetting off to Mallorca as I spent a week there in September (and still blogging about it as I am not very well organised and I took far too many photos !!).

    Loved this and really interested to see how Thomson are changing the face of flying as I think it definitely is in need of a re-think, those parent/ children tables are fab!!

    Oh and for my time in Palma have a look at my posts ::

    INDIA xx

    1. It really is so photogenic – we had such a short amount of time there, but even in a couple of hours we managed to snap a few little special moments… thank you for the link to your blog – I’m going to have a look right now! xx

      1. Please do – I always find it so interesting when people go to the same place but photograph it from a different angle !! The wonder of creativity :)

        Also – I sent you a little twitter DM too !! xx

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