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“Fancy a hot chocolate?” Says I (Poppy) to my brother, who was sat in my kitchen today being very cool, (he’s so much cooler than me) and bashing on his laptop. He was also saying all kinds of rude words that sound marvellous when he says them, stupid when I say them, but make me feel like I now need to wash my tablecloth in something that smells of meadows. (Cath Kidston doesn’t do swearing).

“Why yes I do” says he. So up Poppy leapt and flung open the cupboard door. (I’m not sure why I’m still in the 3rd person but not sure how to stop it).

As you know I got back from The Other Side Of The World a few weeks ago but haven’t yet managed to to The Big Shop where you get all the important things that your mum has in her cupboard when you go home. Like Dijon Mustard. Sadly, hot chocolate fell into this category today and Cadbury’s Cocoa circa 2010 wasn’t going to cut it. Favourite mug or not.

Mug from Anthropologie

We had a go with some funny low calorie thing, (to which we added enormous amounts of sugar) and it was, predictably, upsetting.

Hot chocolate is something very special. It’s warming and cosy and comforting and at the end of a rubbish day it’s the bees knees, so it needs to be the real deal… which is why I’m sharing a secret with you. (It’s not really a secret, but I haven’t told anyone before).

Here is Jamie Oliver’s Epic Hot Chocolate recipe, which I can confirm is the mostest epickest (?) bestest everest hot chocolate. I’m going shopping tomorrow. Oh yes I am.

What you need:

2 pints semi skimmed milk
2 tbsp Horlicks (I know! Crazy Jamie)
2 tbsp cornflour (weren’t expecting that, were you?)
3 tbsp icing sugar (stick with it, I promise it’s really really good.
4 tbsp organic cocoa
100g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) finely grated
pinch ground cinnamon
pinch salt

What you do:

1. Pour the milk into a pan and bring almost to the boil
2. Put all the other ingredients into a large jar/tuppaware and give it a good shake to combine everything – you’ll need about 10 heaped tablespoons of the mix for this amount of milk.
3. Spoon the chocolate mix into the hot milk, give it a good whisk and leave to bubble away for a few mins before serving – you’re looking for that gorgeous, thick, knockout texture.
4. Call Poppy and she’ll be over in a flash. With marshmallows.


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