– Etsy Crush –
Moss and Berry

Moss and Berry - Poppy Loves Etsy Crush 1

Vintage enamelware pot, metal cooking pot with lid, retro kitchen cottage decor, neutral beige & brown, pot with handles – Moss and Berry

I have officially resurrected my Etsy Crush feature and will be posting one of my crushes every month…so if you know of someone, or are an Etsy seller yourself, please do get in touch – I’m on the lookout!

I was so excited to discover Canadian based Etsy shop Moss and Berry, owned by Tasha and packed with vintage treasures from around the world…

‘Vintage home décor for cottage, cabin, house or home’ is how Tasha describes her collection of retro and rustic marvels.. and I can imagine all the pieces sitting perfectly in her grandparents hundred year old hobby farm in Finland, which is where she says she gets her inspiration from…

Moss and Berry - Poppy Loves Etsy Crush 4

Vintage Myott Folklore cream and sugar set, ceramic sugar jar & creamer, ironstone ware, England, Floral mustard yellow, brown, olive green

Moss and Berry - Poppy Loves Etsy Crush

Vintage set of shakers and tray, coffee and cocoa shakers, set of 4 glass jars on spice rack, kitchen storage, hot beverage labelled shakers

Moss and Berry - Poppy Loves Etsy Crush

1960s vintage metal bench, white wire footstool, steel minimal stool, industrial grate seat, hallway bench, patio furniture

“It was called ‘Nilsgord’, or Nils’ Garden (in Swedish); and it was my happy place. I have very specific memories of every little thing that made it what it was. Of course most of all my grandparents made it what it was, but everything else was tied to it as well. Mossy forest and bedrock, enamel cups and pots, household items decorated with berry motifs, checked table cloth, and hand woven rugs….”

Moss and Berry - Poppy Loves Etsy Crush

1970s vintage enamel pots, sold separately, metal cooking pots, retro 1970s kitchen decor, graphic vegetables, white pots with handle

Moss and Berry - Poppy Loves Etsy Crush

Vintage wood spoons, Russian hand painted kitchen decor, red flowers with green leaves, country natural

All of Tasha’s gorgeous finds are sitting happily in her Etsy store, so pop over here to see the full shebang…

Be prepared to want everything though, so now may be the time to break open that piggy bank…


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Moss and Berry Etsy Shop


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5 thoughts on “– Etsy Crush –
Moss and Berry

  1. Oh yes, these are divine. The pots look like were handed down from your grandmother, if she hadn’t already cooked a million meatballs in them ;) Big ups to Canadian companies too!

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