Etsy Crush
Vintage Camper Birdhouses

Birdies can pretty much take care of themselves – they travel back and forth across countries with enviable ease and manage to make their way in the world without iPhones, laptops, or coffee. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they wouldn’t appreciate a hug and a few home comforts. A nice view, a comfy bed, a bedtime drink..


These ridiculously cute, 1940’s and 50’s inspired camper birdhouses from Strictly for the Birds are the ultimate ‘welcome home’. They are to our tweetypies, what the Dorchester is to us. 
You can mount these easily on a fence post or a tree in your garden and the bottom bit slides out so you can clean them really easily. (I don’t think flushable loos are part of the design yet – watch this space.)
You can see the whole kaboodle here and while you’re at it, why not pick up some gourmet birdy food for their brekky?

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Vintage Camper Birdhouses

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