The Perfect Weekender Bag From Nica
(And a 15% discount code!)


I love London. I love it hugely. But no matter how much I love it.. I also love a jaunty little weekend away. Getting out of London is so easy and whether you’re zipping off to Cornwall, Dorset or even Paris, finding the perfect weekender bag can be a bit tricky.

Nica Nica

Tricky no more, for I have found the perfect bag. The perfect size, the perfect weight and the perfect bag straps that are super comfy and don’t leave you looking like you’ve been wearing the worst bra in the world…  May I introduce to you the Christine Weekender from Nica, in their Light Vintage Botanic print.


For those of you who read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I am already a huge fan of Nica – founded by Nica Kim in 2005 and bursting with pretty collections of bootiful bags in every shape and size you can imagine.. Nica have cracked it when it comes to affordable gorgeousness.

Nica Nica Nica Nica

The Christine Weekender is lightweight, practical and pretty (and named after the most gorgeous girl I know in the world) with a gorgeous aqua green lining and a detachable purse, so you don’t lose your littler bits and pieces. I used the purse for my makeup – I take a little capsule collection away with me when I travel (one lipgloss, people – be impressed) so the purse is the perfect size.

Each of Nica’s designs combine original, quirky and functional elements with an emphasis on casual styling, beautiful prints and bold colours finished with her signature charm and pretty detailing. The Christine Weekender, has a pretty antique brass findings and a  bicycle emblem, which all add to its gorgeous vintage look.


Nica bags all look like they’re straight out of the most luxurious boutique in Luxe Land …when in fact, they are in fact, a snip of the price you’d imagine. It’s the signature stunning prints and patterns that will have you fooled – you’ll think they’ve made a mistake.

I have a snazzy discount code for you too, which is available from now until mid-July – just enter POPPYLOVES15 to get 15% off any full price item on the Nica website, so go go go there NOW, drool over all the pretty colours, prints and patterns…  and bag one today! (see what I did there?)

WARNING: They are all rather dishy so the decision may well be harder than you think…




Christine Weekender – £65


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10 thoughts on “The Perfect Weekender Bag From Nica
(And a 15% discount code!)

  1. Ohhhh – I want one!!! (And now I can have one with your snazzy 15% off!)

    I’m also very impressed with your 1 lipgloss when going away – I must learn to be more disciplined when packing! What’s your secret? xx

    1. Ahhh.. my secret is having a very limited makeup bag! I don’t tend to be too adventurous and wear very natural makeup.. so one lipgloss isn’t really a choice – it’s just all I have! xx

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