Bagsy you’re it: Alicia Satchel by Nica

I’m worse than Goldilocks when it comes to handbags. It can’t be too small, it can’t be too big… it has to be just right. And then there are different bags for different occasions.. posh bags for posh nights, massive bags for market mooching.. but finding a good, all-rounder bag can be tricky. 

Nica bag
The Alicia Satchel made an appearance on Joss Stone’s music video..

Tricky no more, you’ll be pleased to hear, for I have discovered Nica. Ta da.

Nica Kim was busy studying away at the London College of Fashion, when she won a competition to spend a week with the design team at handbag specialists Creative Ltd. Clever sausage. The team at Creative were so super impressed with her design skills and creativity that the template was set for the brand that was to become Nica. Nica bag Nica bag Nica bag

It all began in 2005 and since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength, with folk like you and me being ever so pleased to find such beautifully made, pretty bags with plenty of room for all our (very organised) gubbins. (Is ‘gubbins’ a word? Spell-check doesn’t like it one little bit. I’m sticking with it. Conviction.) 

Really – the Alicia Satchel has so many pockets, zipped sections and compartments that I struggled to find enough bits and bobs to fill it.. 

Nica’s signature is her print work. All her bags are lined with a pretty leaf design and the summer bags are decorated with gorgeous floral patterns and landscape creations. I should also mention that the Alicia Satchel is not leather.. but it had me fooled at ‘hello.’ It’s soft, squidgesome and looks more like leather that some actual leather bags. Which is weird.
Nica bag

Nica bag
All you need in life is an Alicia Satchel and a trumpet

Each of Nica’s designs combine original, quirky and functional elements with an emphasis on casual styling, beautiful prints and bold colours finished with her signature charms and embroidery. The Alicia Satchel, has pretty flower cut-outs and lovely antique brass hardware which add to its gorgeous vintage look.

So there you have it – you can view the entire Nica range on their website and drool over all the pretty colours, prints and patterns… or you can go and see them in the flesh at Topshop, John Lewis and House of Fraser.. I may well see you there.

Alicia Satchel – £49

Poppy was sent an Alicia Satchel to review.

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4 thoughts on “Bagsy you’re it: Alicia Satchel by Nica

  1. That is GORGEOUS! I do already have a satchel on my xmas list, but this is so much prettier and cheaper! Shame they don’t do a larger version that would fit a laptop in it! x

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