The Covent Garden Dental Spa: Open wide. And relax.

“Would you like cherry, cassis, tropical or mint?” No. I was not in a swanky cocktail bar.. I was at the dentist. The DENTIST.

I had popped into the Covent Garden Dental Spa for their special treatment – ‘Bright White Christmas Smile.’ This was not your normal ‘teeth whitening’ experience, but more of a super sonic clean. The cleans to end all other cleans. The clean that makes you actually do that thing with your tongue over your teeth, that they do in the adverts. That.

When it comes to going to the dentist, I’m used to sterile environments, out-of-date magazines, people looking stressed and the faint sound of a painful sounding drill zzzzz-ing through the wall… but no. Apparently Poppy was not in Kansas anymore. Dentist

As soon as I arrived I knew something was different. Is that classical music playing? Is that a coffee machine? Is that today’s Sunday Times? Comfy chairs, fresh flowers, soft lighting, a friendly receptionist who took my coat.. and yes, I would like a peppermint tea and a twenty minute massage on your ridiculously amazing massage chair to relax me. Thank you. (The spa was recently shortlisted for the ‘best care for nervous patients.’ It’s no wonder.)

The AMAZING massage chair – you can book it for a 20 minute session before any appointment

As I listened to softly playing jazz while I had my massage, sipped my peppermint tea and allowed the gentle scents of the aromatherapy oils to whisk me off into a dreamy land… I decided that there was no going back. This is how dentistry should be.

“Which paper would like, Poppy?” Brilliant.

Yes. It’s a coffee machine.

And then it was into the hygienist, feeling slightly spacey, very calm and so relaxed that even if she’d come at me with ten whizzing drills and a carving knife I doubt I’d have flinched.

I settled back on the very comfortable chair (if my dentist chair was a knackered old fiat, this dentist chair was an Aston Martin) and let the clever hygienist do her thing. Dentist

She removed all the stains on my teeth, and then polished them within an inch of their lives, using a fine air-polishing powder, to remove any other heavy stains. The flavours she offered me above, were for the air-flow machine – I could choose whichever flavour I wanted. Genius. Although I was tempted by tropical, I opted for mint…

The treatment lasted around 20 minutes and my teeth looked brighter and felt amazing afterwards. It is such a good alternative to teeth whitening, especially if you want to avoid using the peroxide based materials so often used for whitening procedures. Dentist

The really good news is that the treatment is currently half price at £67.50 (usually £135) and £2.50 of every Christmas Smile treatment they provide will be donated to Smile 4 Africa. They’ll also send you home with a complimentary Christmas Dental Survival Kit…

So, if you want to dazzle Santa this Chrimbo, get yourself down to Covent Garden and indulge in a bit of pampering. 

I mean, the dentist.

Covent Garden Dental Spa
68a Neal Street
Covent Garden
London, WC2H 9PA


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7 thoughts on “The Covent Garden Dental Spa: Open wide. And relax.

  1. Wow! That sounds incredible, and their waiting room is a far cry from the one at the dental hospital where I spent the morning!

    1. My teeth weren’t that stained to begin with, but I still saw a marked improvement! They just were super clean and sparkly. It was noticeable to me :-)

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