Wax on, wax off


Waxing is not my idea of fun. I doubt it’s anyone’s idea of fun – mostly because IT HURTS, but also – it can be a bit laborious… So when I was invited to try out the super-speedy-in-and-out-in-a-jiffy-walk-in-off-the-street-much-less-painful new Wax in the City salon on the Kings Road, I thought, well why not.



Pic from http://www.joannelarby.com

My previous waxing experiences have been about soft lighting, gentle music and pastel colours… which, if you think about it, is a cunning plan to make you THINK that you’re not going to be in PAIN. It’s a wax conspiracy. A wonspiracy.

Wax in the City is modern and slick and orange. I felt like I was entering a groovy and pretty version of NASA, not a beauty parlour.. and it was absolutely spotless.

I knew they used hot wax and so had opted for a full leg wax – I have never had hot wax used on my legs before, (as they do such teeny tiny bits at a time – I assumed I’d be there all day) and so I certainly was not expecting what happened… 

The girl who was waxing me, (we shall call her the Depiladora, as that’s the correct name. Be impressed) was dressed in black and red. After checking the temperature of the wax, she applied it at my my ankle and began smoothing it up my leg. I wondered when she was going to stop. She didn’t. She applied the wax all the way from my ankle, up my leg, over my knee and right up to the top of my thigh. The wax covered my ENTIRE front leg. (I AM AWARE THAT I AM USING CAPITAL LETTERS A LOT BUT I FEEL THIS CRAZINESS WARRANTS IT.)


She then, (I closed my eyes – are you?) pulled the whole lot off in one go. Whooosh!  It came off speedily and she was left holding this enormous piece of hairy wax above her head like a trophy, which she then calmly threw over her shoulder like a ninja, she did a backflip (she didn’t) and then began the process all over again on my other leg. 

“Are you ok, Poppy?” I think she was asking me this as I think my eyes were twice the size and my mouth was open in shock, having not quite believed what had occurred. “Yes thanks – I’m completely fine” said I (Poppy) and it was true. 

Then I flipped over (for I too am a ninja) and she did the backs of my legs in the same way. Bish bash bosh.

This had to be the fastest (I was in and out in 25 mins) and most pain-free wax experience I have ever had. This could have been down to the skill of the Ninja (Depiladora), the pre-treatment Hamamelis Water, or the natural beeswax warm wax. Who knows – I suspect it’s a combo of all three.

All of Wax in the City’s Depiladora’s are trained at Ninja School (their Flagship Academy) in Berlin, so they all know their stuff. She was super.

This salon is currently the only Wax in the City in London, but I am sure there will be more  popping up soon. You can walk in off the street (they have loads of rooms) and be in and out with no fuss, with as little pain as is possible (your little hairs are being plucked out, after all) and in super speedy time.

All hail Wax in the City – Ninjas of hair removal.


Wax in the City
370 Kings Road
Chelsea, London

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