Can’t get to Habitat? Go to Argos.

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I find that sleek, stylish and colourful furniture is not that easy to find when you’re looking for something that’s ‘just right.’ Something that will fit that cosy corner in your living room, (does anyone else call it a lounge, or is it just me?) or that spot underneath your bedroom window.. 

My first port of call is usually Habitat. It’s my furniture mecca. It’s where I go for a little sit down if things are getting on top of me. I’d get into bed there if I could, but I think I might get arrested. Arrested in Habitat. Arrested for sleeping in my pyjamas in Habitat.

Habitat Kilo Blue and Yellow Nest of 3 Tables – available at Argos

So I have been looking for a little nest of tables for my lounge (ha) and a new bedside table for my bedroom. I had resigned myself to having to spend a good couple of hours trawling various sites on tinternet.. but I had a lovely little surprise.

I Googled (love that verb – to Google, one Googles, They had Googled..) ‘Habitat furniture’ and up popped Argos. Argos? Yes, Argos.

Rutherford bedroom furniture – available at Argos

I don’t think I’m on my own in thinking that Argos only sold fairly low priced flat-pack furniture.. but turns out we were all wrong. Wrong! 

Home furnishings – available at Argos

Argos stocks all kinds of lovely brands of kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture, including Habitat and Schreiber… so I settled myself back on the sofa, made me some tea (there was lemon cake too, obvs) and browsed the one site for some lovely new bits and bobs for my home. 

Malibu Bedroom – available at Argos

So there you have it – my little revelation saved me quite a bit of time and if I go ahead with the purchases, I’ll be able to use their handy stock-checking tools to tell me where I can collect my bits and pieces from. Or, if I want to have them delivered, there’s free delivery being offered on a number of products too.



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3 thoughts on “Can’t get to Habitat? Go to Argos.

  1. This breaks my heart as I worked for Habitat for 17 years, I lost my job when they all closed 2 years ago :( It’s good you can get the furniture but Argos!!! Kilo tables are always a favourite

    1. Ahh I do know how you feel. However, I’m so happy that Habitat’s flame is still shining through other stores, who are giving it a platform and making it more accessible.. who knows what will happen in the future. If stores like Argos and Homebase can shine a spotlight on some of Britain’s most glorious homeward brands, perhaps they will switch the public’s perception (Habitat = expensive!) and will begin again to re-invest even further in these wonderful independents and the British high street…? I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed…

  2. they didn’t all close……. there’s one in London still—
    Anyways- did you get the tree coloured tables? i was just looking at them at Habitat actually, last week! enjoy!!

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