Techy review: iPad Mini

My iPhone and I have always been best buddies. Even when I dropped it in the loo. Even when I smashed the screen and I had to go to the Apple Store and wait for 3 hours with no chocolate cake in sight.. It has always been one of my favourite things in my trusty bag (it ties with my emergency bag of Monster Munch) and it is rarely out of my reach. It’s my lifeline to the Bigger Picture and I love that I can connect with people whether I’m on a train, on a mountain or on a beach.

Little did I know that there was a new best buddy on the horizon.. one just as pretty, white and shiny.. and that does things bigger and, um, sometimes better..?

Introducing my new best friend – the iPad Mini. This twinkly treasure (which I got from Argos) is slowly but surely becoming an essential part of my out-and-about-blogging-kit and is bringing me all kinds of happiness. That is not an exaggeration – I have been watching catch-up TV and movies on trains. MOVIES ON TRAINS! Don’t ever underestimate the amount of joy this can bring anyone. Especially me. Especially when it’s Cocktail. *Sigh*

I am a big emailer – they ping in and ping out extremely frequently and keeping up with them all can be tricky, to say the least. I have often found myself tapping maniacally on my iPhone, on the teeny tiny keyboard, trying to check my teeny tiny spelling and grammar on the teeny tiny screen.. but no more. Nope. Emailing on the iPad mini is a treat – the screen (7.9″) is bright and clear and feels big. It’s so much easier to organise emails and when there’s no wifi I just stack them up and send them all when tinternet reappears… it’s a bit dreamy..

Facetime has been brilliant! I’m used to contorting myself into all kinds of funny positions on my iPhone.. (“can you see me now? Now? NOW?”) but I’ve been nattering away (and cooking/doodling at the same time) with un-pixelated ease, with pals in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and, um, Bristol…

I’ve also linked up to my Kindle account and am finally catching up on all those books I’d downloaded but hadn’t yet read.. (by the by, have you read Wolf Hall? Loving it.)

iCal looks slick and smart and Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest all look and work beautifully on the iPad mini – the screen resolution is super sharp (I’d heard rumours that this wasn’t the case) and the large images make working on these old faithful apps a complete pleasure. I have even discovered some new snazzy apps, one in particular, which is fast becoming top of the pops for me..

Pocket is a gorgeous little app, which allows you to save web pages to read later when you’re offline. This is great if you’re zoning in and out of wifi, (this would have been so helpful when I was at Wilderness in August) or if you know you’ll be somewhere with no webbynet for a bit. I love the concept of popping things in your pocket for later.. be it web page or hobnob.

I am loving hanging out with my new pal and I feel as though I’m really only scratching the surface. If you have an iPad mini and you know of an app I should have or some little iPad secrets – please pass them my way!

I may even share my Monster Munch..

iPad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB
£269 at Argos

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3 thoughts on “Techy review: iPad Mini

  1. I’m glad you love it! I got my mini in July and would not be without me. I always thought that iPads weren’t necessary if you had a laptop, but it is so portable and a little bigger for ease of use.

  2. I completely agree with you! I received one as a present and I was like shit when on earth am I going to use this?? I could not have been more wrong. Its my baby! I don’t usually take my computer to uni with me so instead I have everything stored on there! From text books, to lectures slides, to emails, to photos!!
    (I’ve also read Wolf Hall- epic book! Might read it again soon actually)

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