Poppy’s Brekky: Lizi’s Granola
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I’m a bit of a fan of breakfast, so when Lizi’s sent me some of their Treacle and Pecan Granola to sample I was rather pleased. I should probably mention here that as you know, people send me things all the time and it’s important that you also know that I ONLY write about things that I actually do love. There is never an obligation for me to write a review if I’m sent a product and I will always tell the truth about what I think. Poppy’s honour.

Granola to me has always been a bit of a sweet treat, which doesn’t really fill me up for very long. But Lizi’s granola is a bit different as it has been made specifically to have a low glycemic index (geek alert) which basically means that all the natural sugars in the ingredients are released slowly… which means your blood sugars will also increase s l o w l y… which means you feel fuller for longer! Ta da!

This is perfect for me as I come from the school of ‘grazing’. Or as my brother puts it, Constant Eating. However, my, er, constant eating seems to be rather more constant when I haven’t had a good brekky.

I have learnt from Lizi that pecan nuts are good for you as they contain anti-oxidants along with vitamin E and zinc – all of which I KNOW are good for me.. so not only do I get to eat a delicious breakfast, but I get to feel all smug about it too. The black treacle (molasses) was something I thought might be quite naughty, but in fact Lizi has explained that a little can add lots of flavour without affecting your blood sugar too much.

Lizi used to make her homemade granola at her Bed and Breakfast in Oxfordshire – the guests all kept commenting on how much they loved it and suggested she packaged it up and sold it.. so she did. Lucky us.

It also comes in this handy resealable pouch, so there’s no faffing about with tupperware or clippy things to keep bags closed to stop bits spilling out all over your cupboard and getting in all the nooks and crannies you didn’t even know you had in your kitchen so you end up getting ants. Which definitely didn’t happen to me last year. *Stares straight ahead*

Lizi’s Granola is a hit with me and comes in all kinds of yummy flavours, including Treacle Pecan, Passionfruit Pistachio, Mango Macadamia, Pink Apple Cinnamon and Belgian Chocolate.

I’ll see you in the queue ;-)


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(and giveaway)

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