Perfect poached eggs


I made eggs this morning. Not just any eggs, but proper, poached, runny in the middle, restaurant eggs. *Takes bow*

I used to try to make poached eggs the way it says in clever recipe books. It was always a fairly emotional affair, with me trying to create whirlpools and vortexes, (kept expecting Luke Sky Walker to rise out of my pan) and with a box of 12 eggs usually resulting in 8 mashed and mangled eggs, 3 scrambled eggs, one in the hair and a destroyed saucepan looking like it had a run in with the Ghostbusters.

But now I make perfect poached eggs, thanks to cling film, a bit of oil and Delia’s impeccable timings.

Try this at home.. and if you’re not dancing wildly in celebration of your success, I shall come round and make them for you myself.

Please note that is a hollow promise. No truth in it whatsoever.

(You can never be too careful).

Poppy’s Perfect Poached Eggs

1. Take a square of cling film and spread a few drops of oil in the centre with a pastry brush (or use your finger like me)
2. Line a ramekin with your oiled cling film, crack an egg into it and twist the top up tightly
3. Place in a pan of shallow simmering water and cook for 3.5 minutes

BAM! Domestic goddess you shall be and all the world shall know it.


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4 thoughts on “Perfect poached eggs

  1. Just tried this and they worked out a treat. :) perfect little poached egg parcel, that seemed to be a great deal more liquid inside than normal. :D

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