Fatt Pundit x Snowflake Gelato
= a very special Soho lunch


Last week I hopped on the tube (with mask and a croissant, which I then realised I couldn’t eat, because mask) to Soho, to meet my friend Jess for lunch at Fatt Pundit – a cosy Indo-Chinese restaurant tucked away on Berwick Street. And I was eating the croissant because I ran out the door without having eaten brekky. But don’t worry, by the time I got there, I was STILL VERY HUNGRY BECAUSE I COUDN’T EAT THE CROISSANT. BECAUSE MASK.

A little about Fatt Pundit – originally from Bombay, the Fatt Pundit family were inspired to bring with them their grandmothers traditional cooking and hosting abilities (these were exceptional) to Soho, while still nodding to the street food origins of the cuisine.

Fatt Pundit is a combination of the common Chinese surname ‘Fatt’ with the Indian word ‘Pundit’ (a scholar). Hakka cuisine centres around various textures of ingredients, which are brought together when preserved, braised, stewed or fermented.

Beef Momo – leeks, red chilli, coriander

Combining traditional Chinese techniques with bold Indian flavours, we were encouraged to share a selection of small plates as though were moving from cart to cart through the streets of Tangra… we loved it.

Crackling spinach – sweet yoghurt, date & plum sauce, pomegranate
Sticky sesame vegetables – sticky veg fritters, sticky ginger glaze
Crispy Okra Salt ‘n’ Pepper – pink salt, chilles, burnt garlic

The flavours were all fabulous – deep, exciting and full of punch and every dish was a total joy. And it was so SO lovely to sit in the window with a friend, watch the world go by and pretend that everything was a little more ‘normal’ than it is right now…

Lamb Chops – Black Bean Dust – stone flower masala rub
Bombay Chilli Prawns – celery, sezchuan chilli, mixed peppers

We had to remind ourselves half way through, so that we paced ourselves and didn’t order EVERYTHING on the menu, that one of the reasons we were there was to try the amazing Sizzling Brownie that we’d heard so much about…

Snowflake’s gelato is made with 100% natural ingredients using organic Jersey Milk and cream from Somerset, before adding the world’s great flavours – in this case rare vanilla from the Sava region of Madagascar

Fatt Pundit has teamed up with their neighbour in Soho, Snowflake Gelato, to make their best-selling dessert, even better. The Fatt Pundit x Snowflake Gelato Sizzling Brownie is their gorgeously rich chocolate brownie, topped with a bespoke scoop of Snowflake Gelato’s vanilla gelato with chocolate covered honeycomb pieces, served in a cast-iron pan and drizzled with lashings of hot chocolate sauce….

It smelled absolutely sensational… and everyone around us thought the same! (Pudding envy was high – we may have been responsible for a spike in their brownie sales that day…)

This dessert will be available from now until 31st Dec, so do book yourself in for a delicious treat soon – the whole meal was a delight and I’m so pleased to have discovered this wonderful little restaurant!

Fatt Pundit 
77 Berwick Street 
Soho, London


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= a very special Soho lunch

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