My Fantasy Garden with Juliettes Interiors

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What could be better (especially in the middle of a lockdown) than hearing the words:

“We would like you to design your fantasy garden. You can have all the space you like! There is unlimited budget! This will be your spectacular, luxury garden”.

A huge thank you to Juliettes Interiors, who set me this challenge and whose website it has been an absolute pleasure to trawl through, while I’ve lusted over all their incredible luxury designer garden furniture, accessories, lighting and absolutely stunning collections.

Juliettes Interiors Fantasy Garden
– My mood board for my fantasy garden –

I’ve always dreamed of having a fabulously huge garden, fit for entertaining all my friends and family… and when I imagine this I also imagine the weather – gorgeous and sunny with a pool for us to splash about in and furniture that never needs to be packed away in a shed! So, as part of my fantasy, I’m also conjuring up perfect weather… lucky me.

Contemporary Outdoor Designer Double Sofa
Designer Italian Teak Garden Dining Table Set

I would divide my garden up into different areas, with different focuses for each one. A place to relax, to read, to eat, to sip cocktails…. and maybe just to nap (I really REALLY want a nap)… And each piece of furniture that I’ve chosen would fit beautifully into a corner of my magnificent garden…

Contemporary Outdoor Designer Wooden Bench
Contemporary Outdoor Designer Wooden Bench
Striking Modern Stainless Steel Lantern Set
Striking Modern Stainless Steel Lantern Set

Lighting is extremely important when you have such fabulous furniture to highlight, and scattering these lanterns stylishly around the garden will make the garden glow magnificently… and also will make me feel like I’m on holiday all the year round… (with my guaranteed weather as well!)

Designer Wicker And Teak Garden Dining Set

Gathering for meals with friends and family is all I want to do right now, so to be able to dream up a garden in my fantasy world, where I could have a table large enough to sit a big gaggle of us, fills me with great big buckets of joy. Oh, and if I could have the entire scene, with the muslin curtains and pergola, that would be just perfect. Thank you.

Contemporary Designer Curved Garden Day Bed
Contemporary Outdoor Designer Sun Lounger

Lounging is something I am very, VERY good at (whenever I get the opportunity!) but, there is always room for improvement. If any lounger was going to inspire me to lie for longer, nap on more afternoons and just while away the time in the garden, with a book and something delicious to drink, it would be these. They are stunning.

This has been such a pleasure to curate and such wonderful escapism.
A huge thank you to Juliettes Interiors for inviting me to create this fantasy garden – it was a total pleasure and I’ll be dreaming of it for many months to come!

This post is sponsored by Juliettes Interiors
and all thoughts & opinions are my own


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4 thoughts on “My Fantasy Garden with Juliettes Interiors

  1. Love the natural feel these kind of garden furniture sets can create. Those simple wooden designs are so effective and stylish!

  2. This is so lovely! I love wooden accents these past few days and this makes me want to hoard furniture with wooden touches. Thank you for sharing this. This is just wonderful!

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