The amazing health benefits
of your daily cuppa

Mug of tea

You may remember that I’ve been working alongside the very clever Tea Advisory Panel, to learn more about my favourite beverage. And it really is my favourite. However, up until recently I thought tea was just something simple and delicious that sat in my kitchen cupboard…. Little did I know that this humble drink is actually a fully fledged MAGIC POTION with proper actual super powers.

I had no idea. Did you?

I’ve been finding out about how tea can actually contribute to our health. And not in a fluffy put your feet up kind of way, but in a Tea Can Change Your Life way.

And it actually can.

The first (and one of the most exciting) health benefits of tea I’ve discovered, is the link between drinking tea and lowering the risk of alzheimer’s and dementia. There is new meta-analysis, published in the journal, Oncotarget, which has revealed a strong link between regular tea drinking and a lower risk of cognitive disorders. This is GREAT NEWS,

In fact, Dr Carrie Ruxton at the Tea Advisory Panel, said: “Tea, both black and green, contains plant flavonoid compounds that boost the health of blood vessels and help manage blood pressure. This helps the heart but also the brain which is the organ that consumes most of our oxygen and nutrients. Tea also contains some caffeine which boosts mental alertness and concentration, and L-theanine which is linked with calmness. All of these natural compounds in tea could help cognitive health.”

Importantly, the way you brew your tea is essential to whether or not the magical powers of the tea are released. And when I say magical powers, I mean flavonoids. (Impressed? You should be).

A new laboratory study has found that 2 minutes is the ideal brewing time. So be patient! It’s worth it. [TJB1] By waiting for these two minutes for your tea to brew, you are giving the black tea time to maximize the natural antioxidants. In superhero terms, this is like giving Batman enough time to iron his cape, warm up the Batmobile and brief Robin.

The study, conducted in Poland, tested different brewing times up to four minutes (I’m in the wrong job – I’d LOVE to do this!) and examined the antioxidant effects of black teas. At two minutes, most of the flavonoids – powerful plant antioxidants – had been extracted and the teas were displaying their strongest effects against FREE RADICALS (harmful toxins that attack body cells).

The magical powers don’t stop there – no no no. Another new study on tea suggest that top athletes should turn to a cuppa to help protect themselves from fatigue, inflammation and muscle damage. And although I’m not a top athlete (snort) I am definitely taking this on board for the next time I’ve hit the gym or done a pilates class – knowing tea can help banish fatigue and also my (very) tired muscles to recover is all the incentive I need.

The amazing world of science continues to show that my true love – tea – is super duper for our hearts, bones, vascular system and skin, no matter how old we are… and now, those clever researchers have also discovered that the fluoride in tea can also keep our pearly whites healthy by strengthening our tooth enamel and helping our toothypegs recover after eating.

It’s all too good.

Tea really is not to be sniffed at. It’s not just a delightful beverage to enjoy with cake and biccies. It has actual magical powers, amazing abilities and can keep us fit, healthy and ready for anything.

You have a superhero in your cupboard – don’t you forget it.


This post is sponsored by the Tea Advisory Panel and all thoughts & opinions are my own.


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4 thoughts on “The amazing health benefits
of your daily cuppa

  1. Cute post :) thanks for sharing!
    I posted a similar thing about chocolate today – all it’s health benefits.
    I love tea and I love chocolate, and together they’re perfect
    Love, debs @

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