Girls’ Night INin


Something happens when a group of girls get together. Especially a group of pals who have known each other for years… it’s inexplicable. There’s an energy, a total acceptance of each other, and that kind of relaxedness (is that a word? I’m going with it) that you only feel when you know that you are in no way being monitored, challenged or judged.

Even in my teens I was much more inclined to have an ‘evening in’ with my friends, rather than attempt to get into the latest club or search out the coolest gigs. I was always about the calm, the silly and the conversation.


Snowed in for our night in…






Last night, I, and a bunch of my favourites escaped the snow (the weather is CRAZY!) and holed up at Danya’s in her beautiful house.

I brought food – she provided games… and there may also have been wine, prosecco (for the non- pregnant among us) and chocolates. Because obvs.

So often, when the girls get together for dinner, there’s a dash for the various takeaway pamphlets, and then follows several minutes of umming and ahhing and ‘what do you want to order?’ and ‘I really don’t’ mind. But I’d prefer it if we didn’t order that…’ and before you know it, it’s 10pm and your cold pizza has just been delivered, 2 hours late, by Mr Grump. Especially in London when it’s snowing, because it’s as if the world has ended. NOTHING WORKS.














So I took charge of the situation and went via Sainsbury’s, where I picked up a couple of dishes from their new The Supper Club range – premium, luxury ready meals that launched exclusively in Sainsbury’s last month. I selected their Fish Pie and Macaroni Cheese and stuck them straight in the oven when I arrived, leaving us time to have a natter before the rest of our happy gaggle turned up.




The wine and prosecco flowed as we chatted about everything and nothing. These girls are so special – each one so smart and independent, with important ideas, out-of-the-box opinions and loud naughty laughs. We talked and laughed and DEVOURED the food, which was absolutely delicious. The dishes felt really indulgent; the Fish Pie was brimming with big chunks of salmon and haddock and the Macaroni Cheese was oozing with a trio of cheeses, topped off with tasty bacon lardons and crunchy ciabatta croutons. Full of all fresh ingredients and packed with flavour, they tasted just liked homecooked meals, if not better! They are were actually so good that I even managed to convert two of my pals, who had never bought a ready meal before. #Win.

Not having to spend all evening slaving away in the kitchen, meant we could chatter away with no distractions and focus on putting the world to rights, laughing our socks off, finding solutions for each of our niggles, winning at Boggle (me) and losing at Rummy (me).




Helsinki cushion and throw – Sainsbury’s


While the rest of the world seems to be intent on going OUTout, I am flying the flag for INin.

It’s the greatest. It’s happy, quality time with people you love, with music, laughter, good food (essential) chocolates (natch) and a time for squeezing your dearest ones and reminding each other that you’re always going to be there for each other.

Especially if there’s *THAT* Fish Pie on the menu ;)



This is a sponsored post with Sainsbury’s and all thoughts & opinions are my own

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5 thoughts on “Girls’ Night INin

  1. I love following you. I started when my daughter lived In London for three months working for her nanny family as they transitioned form Seattle to London with. Job change. Now I’m coming back for another visit with my bestie at the end of the month. It would be super fun to bring you a bag from my sweet friends online shop. She does some amazing things with her talents in our community. You should check her out @ciderpresslane online or insta.
    If you would like a bag, let me know and I’ll toss it in my suitcase as my gift to you.
    Bless you!

  2. I think it’s marvellousness that you’re comfortable creating your own words on your blog Poppy.

    It’s the sign of a great writer as far as I’m concerned. Everyone knows Shakespeare made up half of his vocabulary and it’s a good thing too.

    Also nice mac n cheese snaps.

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